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Managing Risk How You Can Make a Difference By Jennifer Buckley he role of HR professionals in organizations throughout the U.S., and indeed the world, has continued to expand and change. The “personnel office” of old has become human resource professionals of today who are often leaders at the forefront of their organizations. The theme at MISHRM’s fall conference, “The Difference is U,” could not be timelier. HR professionals can make a difference. At MISHRM’s pre-conference on October 10, 2012, Clark Hill lawyers along with business professionals will present workshops in areas where HR professionals can improve the management of the risks of an organization and make a difference. One of the highlights of the program will be luncheon speaker Martha Murphy, vice president, Organization and Talent Effectiveness at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital. Murphy will focus on St. Joseph’s Journey Intensive program which is designed to engage associates in creating outstanding customer/patient experiences. It is not only an important example of the leadership role that CEOs and COOs play in a culture T transformation of an organization, it is an example of talent management and getting your employees invested in and interested in the company’s very reason for its business. The four workshop sessions are all designed to incorporate the legal with the practical and focus on what steps HR professionals can take to improve and manage legal risks. Clark Hill lawyers will focus on a business approach, with case study examples that give HR professionals and senior leaders practical tools they can us to implement change. The four workshop sessions are all designed to incorporate the legal with the practical and focus on what steps HR professionals can take to improve and manage legal risks. In the Everything Electronic workshop, Clark Hill lawyers and Scott Wrobel of Stout Risius will highlight both legal and practical issues related to electronic communications including retention of data, confidentiality and misconduct. Michael Pachuta, president of Credential Check Corporation, will join attorneys from Clark Hill in addressing new EEOC guidelines on background checks. This unique workshop will review what employers are really obtaining, or not obtaining, when doing a criminal record checks. It will help HR professionals understand the risks in light of new guidelines and decisions. In the sessions involving wage and hour issues and absenteeism, attendees will be given critical up-to-date information on the wave of class actions and investigative activity as well as ideas on how to reduce absenteeism and health care costs. By attending this pre-conference, you’ll walk away with ideas to improve risk management that will affect other areas of your company. It will be one step in the right direction of becoming The Best Place to Work. ■ Enhance Your HR Career A wide range of degrees and programs for HR professionals at locations near you. Evenings • Weekends • Online • SHRM Learning System – PHR/SPHR Certification Preparation • SHRM Essentials of HR Management • GPHR Certification Preparation • PHR/SPHR Recertification Courses • HR and Organizational Development Graduate Degree and Certificate Programs • 800.932.8689 • @ 8 2012 MISHRM 588218_Eastern.indd 1 State Conference • Oct. 10-12 Registration 1 531628_Forensic.indd online 24/05/12 6:37 PM only at PM 5/20/11 1:01:27

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