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conne c t in g w it h – Ms . Lind s ey Rob e r t s By Scott Slocum, MMH LINDSEY ROBERTS MEETING PLANNER MCKESSON MEETING & EVENT SERVICES In keeping with our theme of Connecting through Collaboration for the 2008-2009 program year, we give you this column to connect with some of the diverse professionals that make up the Northern California Chapter of MPI. MPI: What is your “take” on the economic situation as it relates to meeting planning and the immediate future of meetings? Lindsey: While the current economic situation seems bleak, we have not seen a reduction in the number of meetings at McKesson. Sales summits, trade shows, board meetings, training and development and strategic planning meetings continue to take place in order for our business to run smoothly and for there to be communication and collaboration across our very business units. What we have cut back on are celebratory events and expenses without specific business purposes. These days, we turn our focus to spending money more wisely, cutting costs where we can, and stretching our dollars as far as they will go. MPI: How important is it to be “creative” during these times – in how we spend money, plan events, etc? Could you provide an example of recent meeting planning creativity from your office? Lindsey: It is very important to be creative right now. Both in lowering costs across the board and providing greater impact with the money we do spend. I recently got creative while planning an off-site teambuilding activity. A group wanted to do something that would allow them to spend the day together and do something fun. Instead of going out and paying a company to set up a teambuilding activity, I looked inside our own company for help. I went to our Corporate Citizenship Department and it put together some half-day options for the group to volunteer in our community. MPI: Could you describe your current role and your recent career path? Lindsey: This is my third position during my four years at McKesson. My current role is as a meeting planner. I source, contract, plan and operate several meetings a month. Prior to my current position I spent two years in an associate meeting planner role, but my career at McKesson began as a meeting coordinator. MPI: When did you join MPI and do you remember what/who prompted you to join? Lindsey: I officially joined MPI in 2005 when I came to McKesson. However, I was involved with the organization for a year prior to that through my previous job. I was a membership and event coordinator for Holland-Parlette Associates, the management company of MPINCC at the time. While I did not work directly on the MPINCC account, I did assist my coworkers with several events and projects during that time. Having been exposed to the organization and knowing its value, I became a member myself as soon as I moved to McKesson. MPI: What advice do you have for a planner that is just beginning his/her career? Lindsey: The best advice I can give is to have a mentor available to you. If there is not a senior person at your workplace who can mentor you, then try to find someone by making contacts at MPINCC. Having a mentor is so valuable because you will need help navigating the planning world. There is so much that can only be learned through experience. MPI: Which trends do you expect to develop or continue within our industry during the next year? Lindsey: I expect everyone to continue to look for ways to cut costs while planning meetings, be more creative to stretch every dollar spent, and to cut back on meetings that are not business critical. MPI: What are your favorite activities/ hobbies outside of the office? Lindsey: Outside of the office I like to scrapbook and to travel around San Francisco, exploring new neighborhoods and restaurants. MPI: Do you have a favorite quote? Lindsey: “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live … ” (Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter) MPI: “Success” is defined as… Lindsey: For me, success is defined as being fulfilled by both what you do at work and what you do at home, while remembering which one is more important. MPI: Is there one thing you’d like to mention that colleagues may not know about you? Lindsey: Colleagues may not know that I recently got married. Roberts is my new last name and Martinez is my maiden name. ● Scott Slocum, MMH, is Director of Group Sales at the Claremont Resort and Spa. He can be reached at (510) 549-8533 or MPINCCperspective | VOL. 27, NO. 5 | 21

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