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member p ear l s By Shaina Kerrigan Who We Are and ‘Y’ It seems that more and more discussions in our industry and the working world focus on how to successfully work with employees, colleagues and managers from Generation Y. While I am not a generational researcher or cultural historian, I am 25 years of age, and thus, would like to introduce Generation Y from a personal standpoint, presenting who we are and “Y.” As a national sales manager in senior management at a successful destination management company, I consider myself to be a typical Generation Y planner – a person extremely motivated by the goal of success – success that comes from hard work, long hours, and a constant “go get ’em” attitude. Being a part of the largest generation in American history at 95 million strong, I am one of many with this attitude. In believing that we are all products of our environment, growing up in the last few decades has produced a culture of highly motivated, professional and success-driven individuals. The fast-paced, hard-hitting reality of our day and age has created distinct characteristics in the members of Generation Y. We have an innate drive to be on top of technological advances, the ability to multi-task and be flexible in an increasingly fastpaced world, and the desire to live up to our modern-day expectations. This generation strives to be ahead of the game. Fast-Paced World The success-driven attitude of Generation Y also results from the overall quickened pace of life. For the most part, the working world we know today is based on this ever-increasing pace that we have not only grown accustomed to, but nurtured into its existence. Like the emergence of technology, Generation Y has been raised in the midst of the acceleration, and has learned to adapt at an early age by being both a multi-tasker and flexible. With challenging demands to complete at lightning-fast speeds, Generation Y has evolved into a group of doers, who expect a continuously heavy workload of intellectual challenges to keep us busy. For this reason, Generation Y continues to welcome this fast pace of life and the many opportunities that come with it, in hopes to rise to the top of a successful career. High Expectations The final factor that motivates Generation Y is the high expectations brought on by modern times. In certain areas, the cost of living has increased so dramatically that owning a family home and living a comfortable lifestyle has become challenging, if not unattainable, with an average salary. In addition, college has now become a near necessity for furthering one’s career, allowing universities to increase tuition, forcing students to take out school loans at a very early age. With the cost of living and education so steep, Generation Y individuals have quickly learned that to live a comfortable and prosperous lifestyle, we must fight for it as early as possible. As a matter of survival, we must constantly strive for the top. With the emergence of technological advances, the ever-increasing pace of life and modern day expectations, Generation Y has learned to adapt, resulting in a group of highly motivated individuals who are anxious to work for a successful career. We strive to impress those above us, to excel at every opportunity placed before us and to gain the respect of everyone around us. We are the next generation, and we are ready to show the world who we are, and “Y.” ● Shaina Kerrigan is National Sales Manager with PRA Destination Management San Francisco. She can be reached at (415) 397-6300 x 203 or MPINCCperspective | VOL. 27, NO. 5 | 23 Technology The first factor that helped to create a motivated mindset among Generation Y individuals is technology. It’s no secret that the last few decades of research have created an explosion of technological advances that have forever changed the way we live our lives. From the oversized, alien-like computer of the 1980s to today’s slick, small and curiously fast iPhone, keeping up with technology could be considered a job all its own. As a generation that was raised smack-dab in the midst of the explosion, we are ingrained with the curiosity, motivation and enthusiasm to conquer any technological challenge placed before us. Not only do we want to know how to use the particular tool, but we believe we need to know. As the first generation to truly lean on computers throughout our education, we are first-hand witnesses to the many benefits of technology as a whole and are confident that it is an essential resource for time management and productivity. Whether it’s emailing or texting, blogging or twittering, we will opt for technology to connect with a wider audience at a much faster rate. To get more done faster, Generation Y lives by the belief that technology is essential in providing a faster and more expansive means to the job at hand.

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