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MP IN CC — shap in g careers throughout the years INCC By Scott Slocum, MMH JOEY NEVIN SALES COORDINATOR AT&T PARK Getting to know… MPINCC: Good afternoon, Joey! Thank you for taking a few minutes to speak with us. Joey: Of course and thank you for the opportunity. MPINCC: Could you describe your role with the Giants and AT&T Park? Joey: My specific role at AT&T Park involves sales and marketing for all of the non-game day and off-season events taking place at the ballpark. In essence, a lot of my position involves making potential clients aware of the numerous types, sizes and styles of events and functions that AT&T Park can host. MPINCC: How do you and your team ‘sell’ the park? What are the key selling features? Who is the competition? Joey: We have found that using various photos and images helps to tell the story for potential programs at the ballpark. Sometimes it is hard for people to get a sense of opportunities and options, so photos of previous programs help to make the events more tangible. These photos allow potential clients the ability to visualize their own event in a space they maybe did not know was even an option, such as the Giants Clubhouse, the field or our Club Level. Since the ballpark is so versatile, offering multiple indoor and outdoor options, we compete with many of the venues in the Bay Area considering we are able to scale each program to the event space that fits our client’s needs and preferences best. MPINCC: In your opinion, how is ‘sports management’ the same or different than ‘meetings/event/hotel management’? Joey: There are the obvious differences in management of a sports entity and that of a hotel, but in the end I believe they 18 | MPINCCperspective | VOL. 28, NO. 5 both come down to overall service. In all facets of the industry, I believe that how you fill the specific needs of your client is what will enable you to be successful and what really matters most. MPINCC: Where do you get your news/ trends regarding the sports and hospitality industries? Joey: By attempting to consistently remind myself that information is the most valuable commodity out there. I try and stay updated on all fronts by reading an assortment of newspapers, journals, and Web sites, as well as staying connected to various avenues within the industry and keeping my eyes peeled for updates, news and potential opportunities in general. MPINCC: When did you join MPINCC and do you remember what/who prompted you to join? Joey: I have been a member of MPINCC for almost three years and Stephen Revetria from AT&T Park introduced me and encouraged my overall participation in the organization. Stephen mentioned what a positive influence MPINCC has had on his career and said becoming an active member was highly recommended. MPINCC: How has MPINCC helped your career? Which aspects of your involvement are most helpful … training/education events, networking, social media? Joey: MPINCC has allowed me the opportunity to broaden my network of contacts across the industry and establish both meaningful work and personal relationships going forward. Currently being co-chair of the Student Affairs Committee of MPINCC has been great and an item that is of high interest to me and one that I believe has a wealth of potential in the immediate future. MPINCC: What advice do you have for a planner or sales professional just beginning his/her career? Joey: Become comfor table being uncomfor table. Sounds weird but a lot of situations and experiences you go through at the beginning of your career and today are not the easiest of moments. Stay confident, calm and make the most of those moments instead of simply rushing through them in order to remove yourself from the situation. MPINCC: How about favorite activities/ hobbies outside of the office? Joey: I enjoy spending time with my family and friends as well as staying connected to basketball through playing and coaching. MPINCC: Do you have a favorite quote? Joey: “What you think about … you bring about.” MPINCC: What is your definition of success? Joey: I believe the legendary basket ball coach John Wooden said it best, “Success is peace of mind that is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” ● Scott Slocum, MMH, is director of sales and marketing at Hotel Shattuck Plaza. He can be reached at (510) 225-6005 or scott.slocum@

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