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Are You Building Your Reputation Capital? By David Nour A Author, Relationship Economics What is your impression of networking? On- or of f-line, to many meeting professionals, it’s an insincere trade of favors or, at best, an elegant way of using people to get what you want. I actually asked this question of a group of engineers and one attendee near the front of the room asked, “You mean, networking with other people?” Conversely, what’s your impression of relationships? When talking about relationships, most use characteristics such as trust, depth, and vested interest. So, if relationships have been around since the Ice Ages and we all know that they have, why is it that we’re becoming increasingly disconnected? In many ways, we’re losing our ability to touch people! 6 | MPINCCperspective | VOL. 28, NO. 5

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MPI Perspective - April 2010
President’s Message
Are You Building Your Reputation Capital?
Unique Venues Spotlight
Bored Room?
Meeting Professionals International Northern California Chapter 22nd Annual Conference and Expo Wrap-Up
Getting to know... Joey Nevin
Member Pearls
Chapter Chatter
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MPI Perspective - April 2010