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12 By Corbin Ball, CMP, CSP Technology continues to advance at exponential rates and is changing the face of the MICE industry in astonishing ways. We will see many developments in the next few years, including: 1. Web 2.0 (the participatory web) will change the events industry in several seemingly subtle ways, but with an overall profound impact: • Wikis (interactive, collaborative, Web pages) such as Google spreadsheets ( can track event management details in a common document visible and usable by geographically dispersed event planning teams (including suppliers). • APEX standards enabled by Web 2.0 Web services architecture will help planners and suppliers communicate electronically on the same page (more about APEX in Trend 8). • Event marketers will have the ability to market inexpensively to targeted audiences using audio/video blogs (online journals) and RSS (really simple syndication) newsfeeds. • Event content managers regularly ask the question: What do attendees want? Web 2.0 products will give an 18 | MPINCCperspective | VOL. 27, NO. 2 • • • • • • • easier and richer way to ask them. Social media will enable this conversation with the audience. Meeting attendees will have the opportunity to rate, rank and rant about meeting content. For example, they could vote on their choice of speakers, activities, and other event details. Presenters can submit proposals to a Web site where attendees could comment, ask questions, pan the speaker from previous presentations, and more. Wikis can be used by speakers to upload abstracts, bios, photos, podcasts, video clips, RSS feeds to their blogs, PowerPoint slides and more. Speaker and paper selection, often a team effort, will be made easier using Web 2.0 collaboration tools. Blogs and online/mobile surveys will allow attendee feedback and voting during the event rather than waiting for surveys to be tallied afterwards. Social software, business networking and matchmaking programs are participatory Web 2.0 examples (see Trend 11 for more details). Communities of meeting professionals are using interactive online forums’ help to share information, to mentor, and to network. Although these have been around for years, the new versions such as http:// are easier to use. Hotels and other industry suppliers could be rated and ranked by planners in a manner similar to how eBay or Amazon has buyer and seller ratings. • Virtual meeting and collaboration tools will provide an alternate meeting platform replacing face-to-face meetings in some situations (see Trend 12 for more details). The meetings and events industry is a highly social, mobile and collaborative one. It is also one where often thousands of details are tracked and needed at a moment’s notice in settings away from the standard office and with multiple parties. These characteristics are ideally suited for benefit from the Web 2.0 revolution. 2. Wireless broadband Internet access is becoming available everywhere from many sources: Wi-Fi hotspots, WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access), ED-VO (mobile phone broadband), Edge (mobile phone broadband), UWB (ultra-wide band) wireless networks, mesh networks and others. Hundreds of cities around the globe are developing municipal wireless broadband networks. Meeting planners, exhibitors and attendees are business travelers and will be comparative early adopters of these technologies. 3. With wireless broadband enabling them, many mobile applications are being developed using mobile phones and other handheld devices which will have direct meeting and travel applications. Log-On ( uses mobile phones to provide a range of tradeshow and event applications for attendees including: the conference agenda, exhibit

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