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MP IN CC — shap in g careers throughout the years INCC By Scott Slocum, MMH MATTHEW SCHERMERHORN, CMP DIRECTOR OF CORPORATE EVENTS AAA NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, NEVADA, AND UTAH Getting to know … MPINCC: Matthew, thank you for taking some time to speak with us. Congratulations regarding your role as MPINCC president-elect! What are your overall thoughts on MPI as an organization and the value which it presents to members? Matthew: Thanks. I am excited, and honored, to have the opportunity to serve my fellow members. I joined in 1992, when successful meetings were valued — certainly at the C level — as flawless transactional services. Since then, the industry has grown to a place where we speak the language of business every day, and meetings are integrated into business results. MPI was there all the way, providing us the opportunity to discuss and learn together about meetings ROI and how to communicate that to our organizations and business partners. For me, it has provided consistency when the world around me is changing. And even though the faces change over time, there is a comforting familiarity in those faces, the faces of hard-working, fun-loving, meeting professionals. MPINCC: What advice might you provide to those considering joining MPI? Matthew: Talk to a board member. Talk to members, planners and suppliers. If you like what you hear and are an extrovert, just come immerse yourself. If you tend to be introverted, call the office and ask to be assigned to a buddy. And don’t wait to volunteer on a committee! It is the best way to fully engage. MPINCC: Could you describe your current role at AAA? 12 | MPINCCperspective | VOL. 28, NO. 2 Matthew: I lead a small incredibly talented team of meeting professionals. “Strategic meeting and event partnerships at AAA” is our tag line. We do internal meetings, and we also do member- and public-facing consumer events. MPINCC: Where do you find the latest news and notes regarding trends in our industry? Matthew: Perspective (I love the online ver s ion!), One +, C or p or a t e Meetings and Incentives. I am lucky to work with a planner who knows my love of incentives data and SMM articles, and forwards stuff to me. When news is interesting enough, it usually gets circulated via e-mail. Which leads me to your next question… MPINCC: What types of social media do you use… which are most effective for you in terms of professional connections? Matthew: I always read the LinkedIn update e-mails. I am fascinated to see what my contacts are up to, what groups they are joining, who they are connected to, and what they are working on. I get a lot of news this way. Twitter is huge for our industry, but I am just learning about it. Anyone who can articulate themselves in 140 characters is my kind of communicator! I am addicted to Facebook but don’t like it when people try to use it for business. MPINCC: How about favorite activities or hobbies — outside of the office? Matthew: To know me is to know that my husband and I founded and sing in a men’s a cappella vocal ensemble called MUSAIC. We perform around the Bay Area. It brings great joy and meaning to my life. I try to get on my bike for a good ride every weekend, and I seem to be a natural in the garden. I also enjoy cooking, but am definitely not a natural in the kitchen. And I’m addicted to traveling to new places. MPINCC: What is your definition of success? Matthew: To answer this question I have to start with a favorite quote: Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away. ~ Maya Angelou To f igure out how to live in that place every day, whether it is watching attendees’ faces at a fantastic event you planned, laughing with colleagues, listening to great music, or having meaningful conversation with family; that is success to me. MPINCC: Any thing el se that you would like to communicate to the MPINCC community? Matthew: Well it’s probably going to continue to be a hard time for a while. If we continue to treat each other with respect, we’ll get through it better, together. ● Scott Slocum, MMH, is director of sales and marketing at Hotel Shattuck Plaza. He can be reached at (510) 225-6005 or

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MPI Perspective - October 2009