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CMP U — CMP U is the exciting and dynamic new way to prepare for the CMP examination. Replacing our former CMP study weekends, CMP U extends the learning process and covers all topics of the CMP exam blueprint with a university extension format presented in modules on various Saturday mornings over the course of a semester preceding the CMP examination dates. This flexible format provides for easier access to the valuable knowledge and shared experiences offered by our seasoned staff. Invest your money and time wisely and join CMP U for just a few hours on a Saturday morning a few weekends throughout the semester. Breaking the mold of an intense weekend, this series of regular infusions of knowledge will better prepare our students throughout the months leading up to the exam and Experience, Knowledge, Support Get the support you need to enhance your professional skills with CMP U. provide flexibility to more members who could not attend an extended weekend course in the past. Also being sensitive to today’s economic challenges, the tuition for the entire semester starts at only $100 for MPINCC members. Even if you are not planning to take the CMP examination, CMP U is the perfect way to boost your professional power and give you the edge you deserve. The curriculum not only provides support for the exam, but knowledge and skills for continuing education in our industry. Applications for enrollment in the premier semester beginning in January 2010 will be accepted starting this fall. Make a commitment to your future with CMP U. For future announcements and more information, stay plugged-in to ● 408974_GaiaNapa.indd 1 14 | MPINCCperspective | VOL. 28, NO. 2 11/24/08 4:56:04 PM

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MPI Perspective - October 2009
President’s Message
Continental Shift
Team Building Events with a Philanthropic Twist
MPINCC – Shaping Careers Throughout the Years Getting to know … Matthew Schermerhorn, CMP
Member Pearls
CMP U — Experience, Knowledge, Support
Chapter Chatter
Team Building Activities in Winter
Index to Advertisers

MPI Perspective - October 2009