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member p ear l s pear By Carolynn Santos, CMP Re-Branding, Re-Inventing, Re-Vitalizing You and Your Business I have a girlfriend from high school who has in her guest room a series of diaries her grandmother Mabel wrote as a young girl. I love to read these journals and whenever I go to visit her I know I’m going to get a glimpse into a fascinating, interesting, and sometimes dull, look at life at the turn of the century and how those lives were lived, loved and lost. However, the compelling thing about the stories is they make me realize that much hasn’t changed in American lives, just how we go about getting things done. The communication in those days was written and verbal — no e-mail, no telephone calls — it was face-to-face contact or a letter, usually a long letter full of news. The relationships were more intimate and meaningful, and by extension more rewarding to everyone. The social networks of those times were your family, friends, church groups and work colleagues, where everyone worked together to help one another through the good times and the bad. With all of the challenges and uncertainty any future holds, but especially in these current economic times, we should all be thinking of new ways to re-invent old ideas into a new you and a new focus for your business. Often we become comfortable or settled in our ways and [maybe] we start to take our business and our clients for granted. Why do we only hear from them when they need something now? Why don’t we maintain more communication with our clients throughout the year rather than those “key times”? How do we get our clients to starting thinking of us a strategic partner in their business? What should we be doing to keep those lines of communication open? How do we build that intimate and meaningful relationship with our clients? As a recently downsized meeting planner, I’ve been asking myself these questions as I embark on a new career as a virtual administrative assistant/meeting planner. I sat down and created a plan that would help me to re-invent old ideas into something n e w , re-brand my self as s a strategic partner to my clients, and to re-vitalize my business in 2010. Below is a table with some of my ideas and I am sharing them with you. We can become a social network, much like that of Mabel’s in the early 1900s, coming together and helping each other through the good times and the bad. ● Carolynn Santos, CMP, can be reached at Opportunities for 2010 Ideas Visit your clients to say Happy New Year. Everyone is always looking for ideas outside the box. But if you are in the box, sometimes you forget to do that. Think about your clients and see “outside of their box” for them. Offer new ideas and ways that you can be a resource to them. Become their “go to” person. Show your clients “the love.” How do you love yourself? When we feel good about ourselves everything seems brighter. Do something that makes you feel good about your business and share that tip with your clients. You can send a quick note telling them about the experience, the results and how you can help them do the same thing for their business. The luck of the Irish is for everyone! Write a limerick or poem that offers tips and tricks your clients can use to take advantage of the luck. Send the note to them on a post-card, or a specially designed lucky charm note pad. You could also use the claddagh ring which is a symbol of friendship, love and loyalty. Communication Type New Year’s Day Face-to-face Valentine’s Day Written St. Patrick’s Day Written Collateral Opportunity [note-pad, post-it note, key charm] MPINCCperspective | VOL. 28, NO. 3 | 13

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MPI Perspective - December 2009
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MPI Perspective - December 2009