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p r e s i d e n t ’s m e s s a g e Your Involvement Makes You Stronger! By Chad Ammon Since I started in the meetings industry back in 1998, I have been an active member of MPI. Early on, I subscribed to the school of thought that “you get out of MPI what you give it.” That philosophy has done me well. Because of my involvement with MPI, I have been able to meet meeting professionals from around the world who taught me the ins and outs of our industry. In just a short time I moved up the ranks and have been the president of two MPI chapters which helped to sharpen my communication and leadership skills. I have also been able to network and meet people who would become friends, clients and in the case of Jonathan Young of Hospitality Performance Network, my life partner. Weekly I am asked by fellow MPI members “What should I do to get more out of my MPINCC membership?” or “How do I meet all these fellow members I want to meet?” The answer is simple: Get to a meeting and sell yourself and brand yourself. Get out there and network with fellow members — join a committee and come to a meeting more than once a year. The bottom line is that you get out of MPI what you give to it — nothing more and nothing less. This isn’t unique to MPI. It isn’t unique to membership in any organization. It is simply the way life works. The people that I see around me today who are successful even in these challenging times largely are the people that I saw two, five, and 10 years ago involved and engaged in MPI. They, from the beginning of their membership, went to meetings, joined committees and got what they gave to MPI. Maybe it didn’t happen overnight for them, but eventually it did happen because of their active involvement. Recently, a fellow board member shared an article from Forbes that highlighted the importance and value that meetings and events bring to corporate America. That article talked about how “business executives overwhelmingly agreed that face-to-face meetings are not just preferable, but necessary for building deeper, more profitable bonds with clients and business partners and maintaining productive relationships with co-workers” (Forbes). These business executives understand the value of face-to-face meetings and the strength that can be gained from them. This is exactly the strength that can also be gained from your involvement in MPINCC. The face-to-face time that we are all promoting when we say “meetings mean business” is what also equates into “MPINCC means business.” I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at our next educational event, networking event, trade show — the list goes on and on! ● The bottom line is that you get out of MPI what you give to it — nothing more and nothing less. MPINCCperspective | VOL. 28, NO. 3 | 5

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MPI Perspective - December 2009
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MPI Perspective - December 2009