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Student Focus By Kyra Whale, Student – Ryerson University THE MOST COMMON phrase that is heard by university students today is “get involved in your industry/community.” From day one, you’re told by your professors that this is the difference between being a successful student and an average student. But how many students actually live and breathe this advice? Not many, and I think this is due to the uncertainty of the benefits of getting involved. The average student is already juggling six courses, a job, a social life, and for many, living away from home. This doesn’t leave room for much else. By using some key strategies, you can make the most of your university experience and gain the confidence and skills needed to succeed. coffee—will allow you to manage and accomplish tasks throughout the day. This also helps you break down tasks into smaller actions and take your list of things to do and put them on paper. The key is to remain in control of your activities because as soon as you try to rely solely on your memory to recall commitments, you will feel out of control and actually reduce your productivity. When balancing numerous activities, it is imperative that you optimize the time spent on each. Understanding your learning style is the key to effective studying. For myself, I’m a visual learner, so I make a colourful calendar of due dates, and highlight and draw diagrams while I’m studying. Using a simple and easy technique such as this will help you make the most of your time, along with starting projects early, and breaking them down into manageable action items. How Do You Do It? One key discovery I quickly made was that by getting involved in the industry, I was gaining more than just experience. I was learning key life skills that will be very beneficial in terms of giving me a leg up upon graduation from university. One of these skills was time management. The only way to balance all of your activities is by having a plan. Using things like your free agenda planner from school, or your smartphone will help you organize your days. Including everything— whether it’s going to the gym, outlining an essay, sending an email or meeting a friend for By using some key strategies, you can make the most of your university experience and gain the confidence and skills needed to succeed. 20 ME TING Balance • MARCH | APRIL 2011 A Fine

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Meeting MPI Toronto - March/April 2011
President’s Message
Editor’s Perspective
Up Front
Leadership 2011: A Special National Meetings Industry Day Feature
Collaboration = Unlimited Knowledge
Industry Book Review: Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill
Tempted by the Dark Side: Supplier or Planner?
Student Focus: A Fine Balance
Industry Partner Profile: Ottawa Tourism
People, Planet, Profit - The Next Step of Green Meetings
Building Human Connections - The Joy of Mentoring
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Meeting MPI Toronto - March/April 2011