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MCC AAC MOTOR COACH CANADA L’ASSOCIATION DES AUTOCARISTES CANADIENS Requirements & Contact Information Vehicle Registration Requirements British Columbia does not have vehicle registration reciprocity with other jurisdictions for charter buses 11,794 kg and over (including other provinces of Canada). Carriers with buses 11,794 kg and over must be registered with IRP or obtain non-resident commercial vehicle permits (issued as a single trip or quarterly permits). Buses under 11,794 kg from another Canadian province may operate for up to 90 days intra-jurisdictionally in a year and may operate for interprovincial operations without time limitations under the provisions of the Canadian Agreement on Vehicle Registration (CAVR). Permits can be obtained in advance by contacting the Provincial Permit Centre Vehicle Permit Line or at any point of entry in British Columbia (inspection stations). Permits for buses 11,794 kg and over are limited to interjurisdictional operation. For non-IRP carriers, non-resident permit fees are based on GVW (8% of annual licence fee for a single trip and 25% for a quarterly permit), example: a permit fee of CAN $88 single trip ($265 for quarterly permit) for coaches with GVW up to 23,000 kg and an insurance premium of CAN$66 for single trip ($660 for quarterly permit) is added if carrier does not have Financial Responsibility (Insurance) information on file with ICBC. Alberta has vehicle registration reciprocity with most jurisdictions. To confirm specific jurisdictions, contact Alberta Transportation Prorate Office. CAN$2 million Minimum Passenger Liability Insurance (Full size motor coach) CAN$5 million Carriers of any weight must obtain Financial Responsibility number issued by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) prior to entry or obtain insurance in conjunction with a non-resident permit. Carrier’s insurance company must file with ICBC who will issue a Financial Responsibility number. Application fee is CAN$30. Other Requirements and contact numbers Canadian Provincial/ Territorial Carrier British Columbia Passenger Transportation Branch: (604) 453-4250 (toll free in BC and AB (888) 453-4280) or (for Temporary Operating Permits (Extra-provincial Undertaking) and Passenger Transportation License applications) Provincial Permit Centre - Vehicle Permit Line: 1-800-559-9688 (for the “Extra-provincial Temporary Operating Permit” as well as the Combined Non-Resident Commercial Vehicle Permit and Insurance Certificate” for carriers that do not have Financial Responsibility and/or IRP). For IRP/prorate and Financial Responsibility Filing inquires (604) 443-4450 or 1-800-665-4336. IFTA: (250) 387-0635 Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) general information line: 1-800-663-3051. Jurisdiction British Columbia Operating Authority Requirements Charter/tour coaches operated from any provincial boundary to any point in British Columbia and/or return when engaged in an extra-provincial undertaking for a period not exceeding seven days require an Extra-Provincial Temporary Operating Permit for CAN$25. Extra-provincial Temporary Operating permits are restricted to commercial passenger carriers that do not have a BC passenger transportation licence and pick up of passengers in British Columbia is not allowed. These permits can be obtained in advance by contacting the Provincial Permit Centre - Vehicle Permit Line: 1-800-559-9688), or at point of entry into BC (inspection stations) and may be subject to additional charges. Information pertaining to ExtraProvincial Temporary Operating Permits can be obtained through the Passenger Transportation Branch (604) 453-4250 (toll free in BC and AB (888) 453-4280). For trips lasting more than seven days, or for carriers that routinely visit British Columbia, a permanent Passenger Transportation Licence is required. Alberta Charter/tour coaches operated into or through Alberta require an Extra-provincial Operating Authority Permit or Certificate from Alberta Transportation. Single Trip Permits can be obtained for CAN$55. Cost for a permanent operating authority Certificate CAN$180 Note: Out-of-province carriers wishing to obtain a permit for a trip that originates in Alberta must first obtain letters from three Alberta carriers indicating they are not interested or able to conduct the charter/tour. Alberta Transportation Carrier Services: (403) 340-5444 (for permanent Operating Authority Certificates and Single Trip Permits) Alberta Transportation Permit Office: 1-800-662-7138 (for Single Trip Permits after 4:30 pm) Alberta Transportation Prorate Office/IRP: (403) 297-2920 IFTA (780) 427-3044 Note: Special rules apply to lessor and lessee where an out of province carrier wishes to rent vehicles in Alberta to conduct intra-provincial service. Filing fee of CAN$55 applies. 6 Tour & Travel Canada

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Tour & Travel Canada 2011
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