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FEATURE MY BEST SALES IDEAS B Y A Y O M S E K A A few months ago, we asked several industry experts and a few top producers to rack their brains for some of their best sales ideas. What they came back with are these nuggets of wisdom guaranteed to narrow your search for a more productive practice. Kevin Michael Lynch, MBA, CFP, CLU, ChFC, RHU, REBC, CASL, CAP, LUTCF, FSS, The American College ■ First order of business: Build rapport with your prospect.  The old expression, “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” is alive and well in our industry. Although some advisors think their designations will establish their credibility with prospects, as a highly credentialed life and financial professional, I would disagree. While there may be a few prospects who will spend time with you based on your credentials, I have always found it is better to present my credentials after I have established a reason for my prospects to listen to me. That reason to listen is my unique selling proposition: “Mr. and Mrs. Prospect, why should you consider hiring me? Because I will take the time to listen and learn how best to help you reach your financial goals. I will not sell you what is on my shelf. I will find out what you need and help you find it, regardless of whose shelf it is on. As I learned from one of my many mentors in this business, there might be advisors who are smarter than I am, and some who are more experienced. But this is what I can assure you of: There are no advisors who care more about your financial success than I do. No one, who doesn’t have your last name, cares more about your success in life than I do. Now, let’s talk about those things that you feel make life worth living!” ■ 44 ADVISOR TODAY | September/October 2012

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Advisor Today - September/October 2012