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» NAIFA government relations By Roland Panneton, J.D., FLMI NAIFA Government Relations: What Success Looks Like NAIFA has secured many victories, thanks to its Government Relations team. N insurance product tax and employeeAIFA’s government relations contacts and general membership, as benefits issues; and Raffaniello & team is always at the foreneeded. ■ Communicate periodically with Associates, which brings over 25 front of initiatives designed to years of experience helping trade protect and advance the interests of the state’s membership regarding associations and other business NAIFA members. Ask any member legislative and regulatory issues of enterprises with legislative and lobthe main reason he joined the associaconcern. bying support on a wide range of tax ■ Attempt to have key contact relation and he will likely mention NAIFA issues. government relations. NAIFA’s GR tionships in place for all members team has demonstrated over many of the state’s Congressional delegaKey responsibilities of NAIFA years a history of securing major tion and to be able to activate such National include: victories in its fight for both the busi- ■ Represents NAIFA before Congress, contacts, as necessary, after consulness interests of agents and advisors, federal executive/administrative tation with NAIFA GR staff. as well as for enlightened industry agencies and other non-government ■ Have a structure in place to propractices and initiatives that benefit entities. vide effective IFAPAC fundraising ■ Provides guidance to state AIFAs the consumer. and leadership, as well as the necTwo important members of this regarding engagement with the essary training for all volunteers team are NAIFA National and the state’s Congressional delegation. tasked with raising IFAPAC funds. ■ Issues GovAlerts in order to gener■ Prepare, sign and file all state State AIFAs. But before we address some of the important functions each ate grass-roots activity. IFAPAC reports as required by law. of the above serves, let’s not forget the ■ If requested, provides assistance to ■ Forward to the APIC office at other members of the GR team: state AIFAs on state legislative or NAIFA the contact information of ■ NAIFA’s elected leadership. NAIFA’s regulatory issues. NAIFA members who say they are Executive Committee and Board of ■ Acts as primary collection point for key contacts. ■ Promote NAIFA member parTrustees consider and set all legislaall IFAPAC contributions, keeps tive and regulatory policy. full and accurate records, and preticipation in IFAPAC and APIC ■ Government Relations Committee. pares, signs and files all National at all appropriate venues and This group considers numerous IFAPAC reports as required by law. opportunities. ■ Engages in joint fundraising on issues and, if appropriate, recomIn reality, all NAIFA members mends a change of, or a new need to be members of the GR team. behalf of the state IFAPAC and policy to the NAIFA Board of NAIFA wants you to be on the team, National IFAPAC. Trustees. Key responsibilities of state associa- and there are three very effective ways ■ NAIFA CEO Dr. Susan B. Waters, to join. First, contribute to IFAPAC; tions include: ■ Supervise and manage the states’ CAE. She provides insight and second, join APIC (Advisors Political guidance to the NAIFA Board on government relations/advocacy Involvement Committee) and become legislative and regulatory issues and programs. a key contact; and finally, respond to ■ Have knowledge of, and are actively GovAlerts. valuable feedback on these issues from insurers and other interested engaged in those legislative and If legislative decision-makers at the groups. regulatory issues of interest/concern state and federal levels are to take a ■ NAIFA members who respond to to NAIFA and its members. For stand on an issue that is important GovAlerts, work on enhancing their example, they retain a professional to the financial well-being of your clirelationships with members of Conlobbyist, have an engaged legislaents and business, you have to make gress and contribute to IFAPAC. tive committee, try to establish key your opinions known. Being a part of ■ NAIFA’s outside consultants. These contacts with members of the state NAIFA’s GR team is the most effective legislature and with the state insur- way to accomplish this critical goal. ■ are Steptoe & Johnson, experts ance and securities commissioners, on insurance and related tax and and have a grass-roots program and Roland Panneton, J.D. FLMI, is senior securities issues; Dani Kehoe, J.D., counsel at NAIFA. Contact him at procedures in place for engaging who bolsters NAIFA’s Capitol Hill 703-770-8187. and activating the association’s key presence and influence on critical 50 ADVISOR TODAY | September/October 2012

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