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FOCUS ON SCREENING By Brian Jones Emerald Equipment Systems Glacial Materials Goes Emerald Green MATERIAL MATTERS READERS will remember that NYMaterials filed an amicus brief on behalf of Glacial Materials, LLC as they brought their lawsuit to New York’s highest court, the Court of Appeals. The result was a landmark decision that will help the materials industry for years to come. Since that win, Glacial’s owners, John Clarey and Keith Scheetz, have been ramping up operations to provide aggregate to the western New York market. Although Glacial has only been open for a few months, the company began back in 1996 because of a predicted shortage of concrete grade sand in western New York. Over the next few years, business plans were developed, investors were found, test drilling was conducted, a greenfield was acquired and permits were sought and granted. Trouble began in 2001 when the Town of Yorkshire passed a zoning law that prohibited mining. After a series of legal maneuverings, the town attempted to put the brakes on the entire operation in early 2004 by asserting that Glacial was subject to the town’s ordinance, which prohibited any new mining. The town’s assertion resulted in Glacial not being able to complete its bank financing. Glacial responded with a lawsuit in August and by September the town thought it best to settle out of court and agreed to allow Glacial to commence mining operations. About three weeks later, the resolution was rescinded and Glacial was back in court fighting to stay afloat. It was a legal battle that consisted of a jury trial, numerous appeals and $400,000 in legal fees from 2005 to 2010. Ultimately, with NYMaterials’ help, the New York State Court of Appeals ruled in Glacial’s favor. After 16 years, Glacial is looking toward the future. There have been some trying times but that didn’t stop the owners from persevering. Now, the new sand and gravel mine in Yorkshire, NY is positioning itself to be a valued provider of sand and aggregate within a 50-mile radius. Before Glacial formed a relationship with any customers, there was a relationship being built with Emerald Equipment 18596745_Emerald.indd 1 • Fall 2012 Material Matters 7/21/12 3:17:37 PM

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Breaking the Bottlenecks
Glacial Materials Goes Emerald Green
The System Works
Giving HMA Driveway Advice
Promotion Doesn’t Cost – It Pays
Exposed Aggregate Pervious Concrete
Stuyvesant Falls Hydroelectric Plant: Steel Fiber Reinforcement in Action By Dan Casale

Material Matters - Fall 2012