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By Greg Novitzki Vice President, Concrete Division New York Construction Materials Association Promotion Doesn’t Cost – It Pays IT’S A GOOD time to be a promoter. We  have some great projects going this year  utilizing technologies that are the result of our promotion and the efforts of material representatives. Two articles in this magazine highlight projects that demonstrate our success and resourcefulness. In Buffalo, the second largest city in NY, we are highlighting a project that was the direct result of our promotion efforts that was the collaboration of NYMaterials, United Materials, Lafarge Concrete and Aggregate, and Buffalo R/M. In 2009, we trained and certified some disadvantaged Buffalo High School students in the placing of PrvsC. United Materials supplied the product for the placement near the southernmost entrance of the park. In 2010, Titan Development was certified in PrvsC and placed some material near the Our Lady of Black Rock School at the north end of the park near Buffalo State. This material was placed as walkways, around a playground area and under a gazebo. Lafarge C/A provided the material for this phase of the work. Buffalo Redi-Mix was selected for the current phase based on the appearance of their crushed gravel. As a promoter, I don’t recommend one producer over the other – as long as they are members. This park has spread the wealth amongst our members for me! Another area of promotion in the ready mix industry has been championed by our fiber associate members. Over the past few years, associate members Dave Orzel, with Propex, and Tim Lussier, with Baekart, have been conducting seminars that introduced architects/engineers to high doses of steel fiber to replace primary steel reinforcing. Clemente Latham has produced approximately 2,000 cubic yards of ready mixed concrete to a project that is utilizing 44 pounds of steel reinforcing per yard! Dan Casale, with Clemente Latham, and Lussier were successful in introducing this product to their customer and convincing him that this technology would benefit them through lower construction costs realized by faster, easier and safer concrete construction. As a manager of ready mix concrete plants, I was taught that you can dramatically increase the profit level of each load of mix by selling “value added” products. Simply by asking customers if they would like fiber added to their mix, or by suggesting a retarder so they can work with the concrete a bit longer, you can add a couple dollars per yard of profit to the same load of concrete that was to be delivered had the questions not been asked by the dispatcher. I am very pleased that during this slow recovery, our producers across the state are realizing the benefits of product promotion by our producer members through the NY Concrete Promotion Council and our associate members direct actions. ● Material Matters • Fall 2012 25

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Breaking the Bottlenecks
Glacial Materials Goes Emerald Green
The System Works
Giving HMA Driveway Advice
Promotion Doesn’t Cost – It Pays
Exposed Aggregate Pervious Concrete
Stuyvesant Falls Hydroelectric Plant: Steel Fiber Reinforcement in Action By Dan Casale

Material Matters - Fall 2012