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PROJECT SPOTLIGHT By Dan Casale Clemente Latham Concrete Stuyvesant Falls Hydroelectric Plant: Steel Fiber Reinforcement in Action CLEMENTE LATHAM CONCRETE is very proud to be part of the reconstruction of a clean energy generation facility. Originally built in 1899 by the Albany & Hudson Railroad Company, and rebuilt in 1942 by New York Power & Light, the Stuyvesant hydroelectric plant used to produce 3.5 megawatts of power. Following t h e s u c c e s s f u l r e nov a t ion , i n c r e d ibly it will generate 7 megawatts of power. Reconstruction of this economically important project incorporates over 2,000 cubic yards of steel fiber reinforced concrete produced by Clemente Latham Concrete’s Port of Albany plant. Steel fiber reinforced concrete was selected for this project by the owner, Jim Besha, P.E., CEO of Albany Engineering Corporation, based on the constructability of the site. Heavy doses of steel fiber mixed in the concrete can replace steel rebar. The final product was designed by Tim Lussier, Bekaert Corp., of our association and George Woodworth, quality control manager, Clemente Latham Concrete. This isn’t your average crack control doses – this project called for 30 #/c.y. of steel fiber! Lussier was called in very early on in this project due to the complexity of the spiral chamber block outs and the subsequent rebar cages. The steel fiber was selected primarily to make the forming and pouring of the mass slab easier. The conventional rebar design was for temperature and shrinkage only — the mass thickness of the concrete was more than enough to carry the weight of the generators, equipment and any live loads. The spiral chambers are made out of plate steel, which handles all the forces and pressure of water. Because of that, the 28 Material 1 487087_Concrete_Ad.indd Matters • Fall 2012 9/1/10 11:09:29 AM

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Breaking the Bottlenecks
Glacial Materials Goes Emerald Green
The System Works
Giving HMA Driveway Advice
Promotion Doesn’t Cost – It Pays
Exposed Aggregate Pervious Concrete
Stuyvesant Falls Hydroelectric Plant: Steel Fiber Reinforcement in Action By Dan Casale

Material Matters - Fall 2012