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CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE By Bill Poole Tilcon New York, Inc. NORMALLY THE CHAIRMAN’S Message is devoted to summaries of battles fought and wars won. Everyone knows the materials industry is in the crosshairs, and there have been plenty of battles to describe. This time, however, I am pleased to report on a major victory that didn’t involve beating up (or getting beat up by!) lawyers, legislators or agency staff. Specifically, the Minerals Industry study that NYMaterials commissioned is finished, reviewed and printed. This is the most comprehensive analysis of the industry ever performed in New York, and it promises to help each and every one of our members. At 85 pages, the Mineral Industry of New York State 2007-2010 is a hefty document. The text covers the history of mining, a summary of each important commercial mineral found in New York State and a detailed analysis of the industry’s economic impact. To my way of thinking, the economic study was long overdue and it revealed some truly remarkable statistics. For instance, the aggregate, concrete and asphalt industries in New York State provide an economic stimulus of $5 billion every year! That ranks us among the larger “home grown” industries in the state, and makes a compelling case for protecting the jobs and vital materials we provide. Early in the planning for this study, the member CEOs decided that a third party should prepare the report, and that whoever did the work should have credentials that are beyond reproach. Based on that decision, we contracted with the NYS Education Department, using Dr. William Kelly as principal author. Dr. Kelly, now retired, was the state geologist when he wrote the report. NYMaterials also contracted with the Center for Governmental Research (CGR) to perform the economic analysis that is incorporated into BRUCE BARKEVICH Vice President, Asphalt Division E-mail: the document. CGR is known for their excellent economic analyses of governmental projects and initiatives, and is nationally recognized and respected for their work. At the end of the day, NYMaterials’ initial plan to develop an economic study of the construction materials industry has become a comprehensive report that is now an official publication of the NYS Department of Education. Our vision for a meaningful industry analysis could not have ended any better than an official state document. Most official publications are now simply posted online to control printing and storage costs, but the Education Department agreed to print the Mineral Industry of New York State 2007-2010. NYMaterials ordered (and has received) 1000 copies of the printed report for distribution to members, elected officials, government agencies and interested parties. I encourage you to request copies for your offices and to give to local officials. Likewise, I think you should take copies of the report when you go to permit hearings or to meet with your senator or assemblyman. Members should take full advantage of the excellent, persuasive information in this report, and spread the news to anyone who will listen. People in the construction materials industry seem hesitant to “toot their own horn,” but our businesses employ 30,000 people and inject $5 billion into New York’s economy every year. That’s worth “tooting” about, particularly when an individual or group questions our value to the community. I hope you will take some time to familiarize yourself with this terrific report. You’ll know a little more about yourself, your business and the wonderful industry we represent. Contact the association office to request your copies of the Mineral Industry of New York State 2007-2010. ● Publication Director: Rob Shafer Layout & Design: Ashok Kumar Jha PUBLISHED BY: Naylor, LLC 5950 NW 1st Place Gainesville, FL 32607 Publisher: Tom Schell Editor: Ruth Ellen Rasche Project Manager: SaraCatherine Sedberry Marketing: Alex Rodiguez Advertising Sales: Anook Commandeur, Wayne Jury, Christine Ricci, Robert Shafer, Paul Walley, Chris Zabel Material Matters is published for the New York Construction Materials Association, Inc. 11 Century Hill Drive Latham, NY 12110 Tel: 518-783-0909 Fax: 518-783-0969 STAFF CONTACTS: DAVID S. HAMLING President & CEO E-mail: GREG NOVITZKI, P.E. Vice President, Concrete Division E-mail: MICHELLE SOLLOHUB, CMP Director, Association Services E-mail: JAMES J. MURPHY, P.E. Technical Consultant E-mail: DIANE NADEAU Administrative Assistant E-mail: Copyright 2012 Naylor, LLC All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the publisher. PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 2012/ NCM-B0212/7503 Material Matters • Fall 2012 7

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Material Matters - Fall 2012