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PRESIDENT’S REPORT By Dave Hamling President and CEO New York Construction Materials Association THIS ISSUE OF Material Matters marks the New York Construction Materials Association’s tenth year in the magazine business. The first issue appeared in the late summer of 2002 with a decidedly inauspicious start. While the members liked the new magazine, advertising sales were pitiful and our publisher nearly pulled the plug on our contract because we weren’t even close to breaking even. Things have changed and Material Matters is now a vibrant vehicle for Association communications, and our publisher almost always attains advertising sales goals. The success of the magazine didn’t just happen, however. We have been able to attract excellent articles from industry experts and put them in the hands of key players. Our readers include industry professionals, elected officials, agency officials, highway superintendents and a host of other interested people. Perhaps the most telling testament to the quality of our magazine is the continual requests we get from other publications seeking permission to reprint articles. When NYMaterials began this little experiment, every issue had articles by the Association Chairman, Vice Presidents Bruce Barkevich and Greg Novitzki, and me. We had to beg, borrow and steal articles from others to fill the pages. Over time, we added recurring columns by our legal counsel and lobbying firm. Now, as we celebrate our tenth anniversary, you will notice some new changes in Material Matters. The “contents” page has a new cleaner look designed by our publisher. More important, you will see new authors, articles and sections representing all parts of our membership. As an example, we are featuring a “Focus on Screening” in this issue. That came about when two Associate members independently offered to submit articles to the magazine. In addition, you’ll notice pieces on interesting and successful jobs authored by members of NYMaterials. Some of our best stories come from our members and I hope this trend continues. These changes and improvements came at a terrific time because we now also publish Material Matters in an electronic version that is posted on our website and can be emailed to anyone. The printed version is sent to about 3000 people and countless others see the online version. This is vitally important because the magazine gives NYMaterials the opportunity to explore challenges in more depth and shape stories to make sure our perspective is considered. That’s why we send copies to so many decision makers across the state. Looking forward to the next 10 years, the New York Construction Materials Association will always strive to give Material Matters a meaningful, thought-provoking view of the construction materials industry. But this anniversary also gives us the opportunity to look back on the years gone by. As I do so, it is important that readers realize the true partnership NYMaterials has with the magazine publisher, Naylor, LLC. Early in the negotiations we insisted that Material Matters be printed in color on high quality paper. Even though advertising sales were lackluster early on, Naylor honored that commitment. In addition, we have been blessed to have the services of our editor, Ruth Rasche, since the beginning. Ruth has had a series of promotions since the early days, but has stuck with us through good times and bad. As you all know, business relationships like that are made of gold. All of us at NYMaterials hope you will continue to enjoy seeing Material Matters two times per year. When the opportunity presents itself, maybe you’ll even consider penning an article for the magazine. I’ll keep my eyes open for your draft. ● Material Matters • Fall 2012 9

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Material Matters - Fall 2012

Breaking the Bottlenecks
Glacial Materials Goes Emerald Green
The System Works
Giving HMA Driveway Advice
Promotion Doesn’t Cost – It Pays
Exposed Aggregate Pervious Concrete
Stuyvesant Falls Hydroelectric Plant: Steel Fiber Reinforcement in Action By Dan Casale

Material Matters - Fall 2012