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F E AT U R E 2012 NENA FOUNDERS AWARD SCOTT HOVEY Ron Bonneau, chairman of the NENA Historical Committee, spoke with the 2012 NENA Founders Award Recipient Scott Hovey at the NENA 2012 Conference regarding his work in the identification of the "overlap problem" and his tireless efforts to implement a nationwide solution. Scott Hovey with NENA Past President Mary Boyd, ENP. INTERVIEW WITH RECIPIENT Ron Bonneau: You started your career in public safety in Missouri, correct? Scott Hovey: Yes, I was hired by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to run the computer center. It was the first real-time system that served neighboring communities as well. RB: We know that 9-1-1 originated in Alabama in the late ‘60s, but there were some issues that you identified when working in St. Louis, that you thought would inhibit the deployment nationwide, especially in big cities. Can you briefly tell us what you determined? SH: It is known as the overlap problem. The phone company has their own geography, which doesn’t always match the municipal borders around metropolitan areas. As a consequence, when the phone companies said you had to answer all the calls for a central office area, it would be a mix of towns — not all your city — and it greatly inhibited 9-1-1’s development in metropolitan areas. RB: So, you’re really talking about how the calls were routed to the right dispatch center and that overlap caused confusion on how they were going to be routed to the correct location? SH: Yes, you might have identical named streets and addresses in neighboring cities both served by, say, the 489 prefix. There were legitimate concerns about this overlap. RB: You identified this problem, and obviously, it was troubling to you. You tried to figure out a solution. It’s interesting because NENA has always been based on two things: problem identification and solving the problem. SH: St. Louis had an enormous overlap problem. They had over 100 emergency phone numbers and with great expansion in the Read the digital edition at 31

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