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Avoiding the Approach to Data Backup THE WORST CASE scenario: the very reason there is such a thing as a disaster recovery plan. The tornado that devastated the entire town also took out the city’s and Kiowa County’s computers. Treasurer/Clerk Pam Reves explained, “We had everything on the computers: budget, utilities, billing. Our brain is on that computer.” They employed standard, widely practiced procedures for backing up crucial data, including storing onto tapes and archiving them. Pam also recalled, “We had tape backups. We thought we were doing a good job. Then after this, I’m thinking, ‘hmm…’” The tape drive was gone. The computers were destroyed. “But we were fortunate. We had some great tech support with Infi niTec,” she noted. This software solutions company, located in Hays, Kan., was able to salvage the hard drives and save current data. 14 • First Quarter 2009 HUMPTY DUMPTY BY JEN SHARP This incident ignited reflection about current data backup and recovery planning, prompting many to sit down and take stock of their current situation. We have to ask, “What, when, where, how, why!” What? “What sort of files do we need to include in a backup procedure? How much and what kind of data do we have?” Most of the time, we refer to data as the fi les you create and store on your computer. However, when you are considering backup and recovery, it is equally important to consider the software applications you use to create those fi les. The data can be stored in one place and backed up regularly, and the software can be stored separately, backed up only when you purchase new applications or apply upgrades to existing ones. Along

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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2009
From the President
Question & Answer: Water Conservation in the Home
Avoiding the Humpty Dumpty Approach to Data Backup
From the CEO
What the Future Holds
Asset Management for Small Communities
Understanding Your Surface Water Source: The Rivers
Hydraulic Models
Expeditionary Water Packaging System Graces Delta
The Rural Water Rally in April
Training in Hawaii
Regulatory Update
Rural Water Releases Report on Water Infrastructure Projects and Economic Stimulus Legislation
Throwing My Loop
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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2009