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Seen Your Congressmen Lately? It Matters! The Rural Water Rally in April BY MIKE KEEGAN, NRWA POLICY ANALYST EACH YEAR, STATE rural water associations mobilize volunteer representatives from across the country to persuade individual Congressmen and Senators to support federal funding for rural water initiatives. Our seminal manifestation of the rural water movement is held each spring, when we meet in Washington, D.C., for the annual Rural Water Rally. This year, the Rally dates are April 19-21. Hundreds of rural water volunteers assemble in Washington D.C. (on Capitol Hill) to demonstrate to Congress how important rural water initiatives are, thank them for their support, and ask for their continued support in the annual Congressional appropriations process. At our annual conference in Reno, last October, Rural Water swore-in NRWA’s newest president, Fred Sheldon, with Evergreen Rural presid Water of Washington. Fred’s main message in his acceptance speech simply asked, “Have YOU acc been in contact with your Congressmen and Senators?” We have institutionalized our new president’s admonition into our latest campaign called, It admon Matters! Matter As crystallized in Fred’s comments, may you m feel that your voice is not important you can’t make a difference with all the and y competition for your Congressman’s or Senators’ compe time. However, by organizing your peer rural water communities in a team effort, we can be heard. It does matter. 44 • First Quarter 2009

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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2009
From the President
Question & Answer: Water Conservation in the Home
Avoiding the Humpty Dumpty Approach to Data Backup
From the CEO
What the Future Holds
Asset Management for Small Communities
Understanding Your Surface Water Source: The Rivers
Hydraulic Models
Expeditionary Water Packaging System Graces Delta
The Rural Water Rally in April
Training in Hawaii
Regulatory Update
Rural Water Releases Report on Water Infrastructure Projects and Economic Stimulus Legislation
Throwing My Loop
Index to Advertisers

Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2009