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A From the President Successful Partnerships are Key AS THIS EDITION of Rural Water magazine goes to press, people from across the nation are traveling to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Rural Water Rally. The 2011 Rally may well have been the most important meeting and trip to Washington, D.C., that representatives of rural water utilities will ever make on behalf of the federally funded rural water programs across America. This annual event and follow-up to the meeting in D.C. provides so many important benefits to our nation’s water and wastewater utilities, small and large. I want to salute all of those who attended the 2011 Rally. The impact of your leadership at the Rally is crucial to every utility in the nation, rural and municipal. Your state rural water association is the best vehicle to educate your Congressional delegation, but your attendance at this event, as a constituent, provides our industry credibility in every congressional district, every county and every state. Time will tell how successful the Rally was in helping to maintain Rural Development funding, ensure continued training and technical resources and capitalize on the Farm Bill to fund backlog projects. Hopefully, we will be successful in ensuring that a portion of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will be used to fund much-needed revitalization of water and wastewater systems. The Rally has also played a major role in advocating that rules and regulations be more reasonably practical and affordable to rural and small systems. For those who attended the 2011 Rally and for those who were unable to attend, I strongly encourage you to now follow up with your Congressional delegation in your home state and district. Our ability to affect national policy comes from having thousands of small community representatives across America organize together with a common message about the importance of the rural water programs. Our success is directly related to your voluntary participation as a member of the rural water family! In the 112th Congress, there are many new faces and a new focus that we have never faced before. We are going to have changes, challenges and opportunities, and we can only continue to be successful with the federally funded rural water programs if we all pull together. This Congress will have many hard decisions to make throughout the next two years that will, in some manner, impact every utility in the nation. It is the responsibility of utilities, whether they’re small or large, to ensure that Congress understands that water and wastewater utilities are critical links for protecting public health, promoting economic viability and fostering environmental stewardship. This edition of Rural Water focuses on sustainability of utilities from the governance, management and agency viewpoints. The Rally also focused on sustainability of these same utilities from the political point of view. Please remember that the old adage, “All politics are local,” is so very true, and that is why it is imperative that you follow up now at home with your Congressional delegations. Thanks to the National Rural Water Association and the state affiliates, the leaders in our industry are well prepared to adapt to the changes, meet the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities of 2011, all for the benefit of the entire membership of every state rural water association. BY JOE LILES, NRWA PRESIDENT BY JOE LILES, NRWA PRESIDENT I want to salute all of those who attended the 2011 Rally. The impact of your leadership at the Rally is crucial to every utility in the nation, rural and municipal. First Quarter 2011 • 11

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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2011
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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2011