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Engineering Contracts THE PROBLEM: The single largest expenditure any water/wastewater system makes is on A crash course in negotiating and reading contracts BY ELIZABETH DIETZMANN, J.D. 101 infrastructure. Building infrastructure requires the services of an engineer and engineers are hired and work under engineering contracts. Small water and wastewater systems have little if any experience in negotiating or understanding a standard engineering contract. They rarely have a lawyer review these contracts, and if they do, many lawyers are not familiar with engineering contracts. Often, the only real experience many systems have with an engineering contract is a USDA form contract. It’s my opinion that these contracts are archaic and do not cover all the necessary items. The solution: a crash course in engineering contracts – how to negotiate ‘em – and how to read ‘em. 12 Fi rst Quar te 2011 12 • First Q ua r te r 2011 Fi r s Quarter 2011

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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2011
From the President
Engineering Contracts 101
Design-Build is New and Different, But it Works
A New Angle: Environmentally Friendy Angle Well Construction
This Ain't Business...It's Just Personal
Fill Up Your CUPSS Today!
Regulatory Update
A Joint Letter to NRWA and AWWA Memberships
Throwing My Loop
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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2011