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The Authoritative Resource on Safe Water ® A Joint Letter to NRWA and AWWA Memberships As presidents of our respective associations, we continue to communicate and coordinate in areas that are beneficial to each association’s members and to the water industry as a whole. In 2011, our industry will face many challenges that in part include: the impending workforce shortage, continued regulatory initiatives, deteriorating infrastructures as well as assuring consumer confidence in the value and quality of water across America. We step into the future as the two largest associations in the industry. We realize there will be areas where our cooperative efforts will benefit the memberships of both organizations. When you combine the membership of AWWA and the numerous water and wastewater systems represented by rural water, it is apparent that our resources and respective organizations reputations will allow us to be more successful in advancing our mutual agendas and policy objectives. Some examples of this joint voice is represented in recent policy initiatives that both organizations have focused on, such as the rewriting of the Total Coliform Rule; the House Bill to reauthorize the Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund; our joint concern of the new EPA risk assessment of arsenic science that could lead to the tightening of the Arsenic Standard; and the very important effort to persuade Congress to allow local communities to retain the right to choose the most effective disinfection and treatment option in the pending chemical security legislation before Congress. These collaborative efforts are ongoing in various workgroups and federal advisory committees, including the National Drinking Water Advisory Council, EPA’s Sustainability stakeholders panel, EPA’s Climate Ready Utility Working Group and EPA’s new stakeholders panel commenting on the administrator’s four priorities for advancing the national drinking water protection program. As we continue to grow and prosper, our organizations will have dramatic impact on the people we serve, the states and sections we work within as well as our elected representatives locally and nationally. We are proud of the relationship between NRWA and AWWA that has developed over the years. We recognize the challenges of steering independent, proud and established national associations in the same direction. And, while none of us should compromise our priorities, we are confident of the continued cooperation, respect and partnership initiatives where appropriate. As the respective presidents of our national associations, we look forward to the coming year and the continued cooperative efforts to meet the industry challenges of the future. Joe Liles President National Rural Water Association Joe Mantua President American Water Works Association 32 • First Quarter 2011

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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2011
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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2011