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WaterBrick This bulk water delivery system pulls double duty as shelter. BY WENDELL ADAMS, WATERBRICK INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT AND CEO ON A MILD February day, a worker eyes a level as he adjusts what appears to be a plastic building block midway up the wall of a small dwelling. The product he is adjusting is called a WaterBrick, and the structure he is helping to build is a new prototype dwelling you might see in developing countries. Our prototype is located in Orlando, Fla. WaterBrick is a unique, industrial container capable of bulk water and food delivery to disaster stricken areas or developing countries. However, once emptied of its life-giving contents, the containers double as interlocking building blocks, which can be refi lled with sand or dirt at a project site, and re-used to construct durable homes, schools and other facilities. Unlike typical containers, WaterBricks are made of extremely durable high-density polyethylene resins (HDPE), allowing them to withstand the rigors of transportation including air-drops, as well as the harsh environmental conditions they must withstand for durable housing in some of the most inhospitable places on earth. When I set out to create a product to address the global water needs, I had no idea the result would be a solution with far broader implications and sustainability. My fi rst breakfast meeting with Jean Michel Cousteau in 2003 focused on the need for clean water and the world’s water crises. Consequently, this spawned the beginning of an idea that would ultimately lead to WaterBrick. The research and development process to bring WaterBrick to the global market has spanned over two years. It has involved the counsel and advice of numerous experts throughout the United States and Africa. FPM Tooling & Automation, the fi rm hired to review the original design and to manufacture the mold for WaterBrick, was instrumental throughout the process. FPM recommended HDPE 30 • Second Quarter 2009

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Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2009
From the President
Energy Conservation for Small Utilities
Sounds Too Good to Bet True...But It's Real!
Algae to Biodiesel
Wind to Water
Utility Management in a Down Economy
Waterbrick: Bulk Water Delivery System Pulls Double Duty as Shelter
Five Attributes of Inspirational Leaders
Regulatory Update
Rally Wrap Up
Throwing My Loop
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From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2009