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Attributes of Inspirational Leaders BY DR. JOHN C. MAXWELL THE SAHARA PLAYS tricks on the eyes of its travelers. As the desert sun beats down on the sand, heat waves rise from the ground. Light bends as it passes through the superheated air, painting illusory pictures on the horizon. To thirsty travelers moving through the Sahara, it often appears as if an oasis looms in the distance. However, as the voyagers journey on, the oasis proves to be nothing more than a mirage. Unfortunately, the ranks of leadership are inhabited by a host of mirages: people who look impressive from a distance, but end up being disappointments. After being fooled by a few mirages, followers become jaded about leadership. That seems as true now as it ever has been. Our trust in leaders has been shaken as politicians have reneged on promises, CEOs have squandered money entrusted to their fi rms, and managers have advanced self-interests above all else. To restore society’s confidence with those in power, leaders have to be able to inspire. I’m not talking about inspiring someone to buy into the corporate vision statement, to meet quarterly sales goals, or to work more efficiently. These aren’t bad things, but right now, people are looking for leaders attuned to their personal needs. They want leaders who will encourage them, believe in their potential and help them grow. The following are five attributes of an inspirational leader: 1. Attitude of service To be an inspirational leader, you must adopt an attitude of service toward those you lead. This requires laying aside selfish interests to add value to another person. In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” When you serve, you awaken Second Quarter 2009 • 33

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Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2009
From the President
Energy Conservation for Small Utilities
Sounds Too Good to Bet True...But It's Real!
Algae to Biodiesel
Wind to Water
Utility Management in a Down Economy
Waterbrick: Bulk Water Delivery System Pulls Double Duty as Shelter
Five Attributes of Inspirational Leaders
Regulatory Update
Rally Wrap Up
Throwing My Loop
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From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2009