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National Rural Water Association Board of Directors President Joe Liles, Kentucky Senior Vice President Doug Anderton, Georgia Vice President Charles Hilton, South Carolina Secretary Mel Aust, California Treasurer Steve Fletcher, Illinois EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE DIRECTORS Immediate Past President Fred Sheldon, Washington David Baird, Delaware Steve Wear, Arkansas Paul Whittimore, New Hampshire DIRECTORS Alabama, Randolph Hall Alaska, William Harvey Arizona, Chris Ward Colorado, Gary Ensign Connecticut/Rhode Island, Henry Meyer Florida, Paul Brayton Hawaii, David Craddick Idaho, Robert Culver Indiana, Phil Bastin Iowa, Randall Van Dyke Kansas, Dennis Schwartz Louisiana, Glen Womack Maine, Darryl Brown Maryland, George Hanson Massachusetts, John Sasur Michigan, Chris Kenyon Minnesota, Jim Gilles Mississippi, L.C. Hand Missouri, Bill Robinson Montana, Daniel Keil Nebraska, Tom Goulette Nevada, Dan Sweeney New Jersey, James Mackie New Mexico, Jim Dunlap New York, John O’Connell North Carolina, Wilmer Melton, III North Dakota, John Bearman Ohio, Dustin Parker Oklahoma, Phillip Klutts Oregon, Russell Cooper Pennsylvania, Sam Scarfone South Dakota, Larry Wasland Tennessee, Larry McElroy Texas, Kent Watson Utah, Paul Fulgham Vermont, Ed Savage Virginia, Danny Buchanan West Virginia, Michael McNulty Wisconsin, Roger Freund Wyoming, Earl McKinney “RURAL WATER” (ISSN # 1097-7686), Second Quarter 2011, Vol. 32, Number 2. Rural Water is a quarterly publication. Periodical Postage paid at Duncan OK and additional mailing offices. Subscriptions: $10 per year in the United States; $18 for two years; $25 for three years. Foreign subscriptions pay additional appropriate postage. Address all subscriptions, applications, letters to the editor, advertising inquiries, and correspondence to: Rural Water Magazine, 2915 S. 13th St., Duncan OK 73533. POSTMASTER: send address changes to National Rural Water Association, 2915 S. 13th St., Duncan, OK 73533, c/o Editor. contents RURAL WATER • SECOND QUARTER 2011 • VOLUME 32, NUMBER 2 11 FROM THE PRESIDENT By Joe Liles, NRWA President 18 ARE YOU THERE YET? EVALUATING YOUR PORTFOLIO By Rande Spiegelman, CPA, CFP®, Schwab Center for Financial Research 41 THROWING MY LOOP By Michael Johnson 12 REDUCING ENERGY COSTS FOR PUBLIC WATER SYSTEMS By Michael J. Finn, P.E., Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 48 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS/ ADVERTISERS.COM FROM THE CEO By Robert Johnson, NRWA CEO 24 WHERE THE DOLLARS 50 ARE: THE LOW HANGING FRUIT IN MONEY AND ENERGY SAVINGS By John E. Regnier 36 26 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND WATER SYSTEMS By Michael Sullivan, IBM Smarter Water 31 STORMWATER SOLUTION By Paul Seegert, USDA-FSA Source Water Specialist 34 35 THE NEXT WORKFORCE WATER UNIVERSITY GRADUATES THE VOICE OF RURAL WATER: RURAL WATER RALLY 2011 REGULATORY UPDATE By Ed Thomas, NRWA 36 38 41 24 Second Quarter 2011 • 7

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Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2011
From the President
Reducing Energy Costs for Public Water Systems
Are You There Yet? Evaluating Your Portfolio
Where the Dollars Are: The Low Hanging Fruit in Money and Energy Savings
Information Technology and Water Systems
Stormwater Solution
The Next Workforce
Water University Graduates
The Voice of Rural Water: Rural Water Rally 2011
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
Index to Advertisers/
From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2011