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Source Water Protection Corner: Innovative Groups Assist Communities and Landowners with Storm Water Issues BY LISA WALTERS, SOURCE WATER SPECIALIST, IOWA RURAL WATER ASSOCIATION STORM WATER WILL continue to be a water resource concern. Water recharge for surface and groundwater occurs from rain or snow falling on the landscape and flowing overland to rivers or soaking into the ground. The quality of water is dependent on what material the water picks up when going to these reservoirs. Driving through Iowa, the landscape has agricultural fields, livestock, wildlife refuges and even urban or developed areas. I have had the privilege to work with different groups that can provide technical assistance and even funding sources to help with storm water problems. Urban The Urban Resources & Borderland Alliance Network (URBAN) serves the Des Moines Metro Area, as well as the Dallas, Marion, Polk and Story Soil & Water Conservation Districts. The mission of URBAN is to improve water quality and natural resource conservation in urban and developing areas by providing education, information and technical assistance to government units, the development community and citizens in Iowa. URBAN has been working to help communities adopt resource protection methods such as conservation buffers and ordinances for water quality protection. URBAN also provides public outreach, education and awareness of storm water quality issues. URBAN strives to illustrate the impacts of development on water quality, and to demonstrate how changes in storm water management practices can positively impact water quality. The URBAN Board, comprised of SWCD Commissioners, has worked to illustrate the benefits of urban conservation in Iowa. The goal is to provide funding for urban conservation practices and staff assistance in urbanizing areas. 54 • Third Quarter 2008

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Rural Water - Quarter 3, 2008
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Rural Water - Quarter 3, 2008