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Throwing My Loop Ain’t That a Shame? BY MICHAEL JOHNSON THAT’S WHAT FATS said long ago. “Ain’t that a shame?” That’s what he said. And it is. How we try so hard sometimes, and still things become difficult, life seems so hard and then gets even harder, and our efforts just don’t pay off. Ain’t that a shame? I saw him when I entered the little joint. A young cowboy seated all by his lonesome at the end of the bar — probably no more than 30. My fi rst thought was, “Atlas ain’t got nothing on this boy.” Like that mythological figure of old, he, too, had the weight of the entire world >>58 Third Quarter 2008 • 57

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Rural Water - Quarter 3, 2008
From the President
From Hypo to Gas - A Forward Leap
If You Lose All Your Data Today... Would You Still Be in Business Tomorrow?
Weaving the Wireless Web
Rural Water and the Farm Bill
Ensuring Your Water System's Security
Guarding Against Becoming a Victim of Fraud
10 Ways to Improve Utility Efficiency
New Technology
Making a Difference By Being Involved
Regulatory Update
Source Water Protection Corner
Throwing My Loop
Cub Scouts Visit Alliance of Indiana Rural Water's Spring Conference
Index to Advertisers
From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 3, 2008