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AQUA CHOCOLATE NO MAS Water Treatment in Honduras BY FRED STOTTLEMYER, INTERNATIONAL RURAL WATER ASSOCIATION WHEN INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT Rider Lupe Aragon and IRWA volunteer Fred Stottlemyer visited the small mountain town of Marcala Honduras in 1997, the town’s mayor, holding up a bottle of chocolate colored water, asked, “Can I clean up this water with filtration?” After examining the water, Lupe and Fred advised the Mayor that they felt it was going to be necessary to use chemical coagulation prior to filtration. This initial visit occurred prior to Hurricane Mitch ravaging the country, and it was over a year before Lupe and Fred had the opportunity to return to Marcala. On their second visit, they were surprised to fi nd that with the advice of Honduras engineers and the support of a North American development group, the town had proceeded with construction of an up-flow fi ltration plant. The new plant was now in ruins after the walls had collapsed, apparently during the backwash process when the tanks had to be fi lled to the brim. On a visit a year later, the IRWA team found that the fi lters had been rebuilt but were no longer in use due to the fact that they were not effective in reducing the high turbidity levels of the Chiflador river source water. The people continued to draw the chocolate water from their water taps and had apparently given up on ever having clean water. 32 • Fourth Quarter 2008

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Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2008
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Rural Water: Where are We Headed?
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Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2008