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Why Even Small Water Systems Should Have PERSONNEL POLICY MANUALS SMALL COMMUNITY UTILITIES and rural water districts in Kansas, no different than tens of thousands of others across America, are operated for the benefit of the customers they serve. And because of the ‘public trust’ these utilities must have, it is essential that those who govern and operate the systems have and follow guidelines. When it comes to establishing rules for employees, a personnel policy manual is a must. A personnel policy manual helps establish and create a productive and harmonious work environment by clearly defining what is expected of each member of the city or RWD team. The ultimate purpose of all work in utilities can be summed up in the words “quality service to others.” 38 • Fourth Quarter 2008 A personnel policy manual is a guide and reference tool for all members of the entity’s workforce. While there may be different applications to employees, depending upon their employment status, the manual provides a “snapshot” of how things are done. A good personnel policy manual also needs to incorporate state and federal mandates. And because of changes in laws and or local policies, the manual should be reviewed regularly to amend the guidelines to reflect ongoing change in the workplace. What’s included? The guidelines for management include,

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Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2008
From the President
Rural Water: Where are We Headed?
The Future of Water in America
Bank Collateral Controls in Nervous Times
Bottle of Water or Billion Dollar Bully?
Aqua Chocolate No Mas
Why Even Small Water Systems Should Have Personnel Policy Manuals
Safe Drinking Water
Regulatory Update
2008 NRWA Industry Event
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Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2008