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NSSGA LEGISLATIVE CALENDAR January 2009 6 111th Congress convenes – new members sworn in REGULATORY CALENDAR January 2009 New Source Review (NSR): Reconsideration of Inclusion of Fugitive Emissions – Final Rule (MSHA) Alcohol and Drug Free Mines – Final Rule (EPA) Prevention of Significant Deterioration and Nonattainment New Sources Review: Reconsideration of Fugitive Emissions – Final Rule 19-20 Martin Luther King, Jr. and Presidential Inauguration – Federal Government Closed February 2009 (OSHA) Occupational Exposure to Crystalline Silica – Complete Peer Review of Health Effects and Risk Assessment (EPA) Greenhouse Gas Mandatory Reporting Rule – Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (EPA) Opportunity to Provide Feedback to the Agency on Emissions Standards for Stationary Diesel Engines – Notice of Proposed Rulemaking With a new Congress convening, regulatory dates shown are targets. February 2009 2 16 FY 2010 Budget Submitted to Congress President’s Day Federal Holiday We Know The Drill Sonic Direct Push Hollow Stem Auger Air Rotary Casing Hammer Air Rotary Mud Rotary STRATEX® / ODEX® Large Diameter Flooded Reverse Circulation Dual Tube Reverse Circulation Wireline Coring Well Development & Abandonment Vac Truck / Air Knife Albuquerque Elko Las Vegas Los Angeles Minneapolis Phoenix Sacramento San Francisco Stone, Sand & Gravel Review, January/February 2009 11

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Stone, Sand & Gravel Review - January/February 2009
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AGGI: The Unofficial Guide
A Quick Guide to NSSGA's 2009 Annual Convention
New President, New Congress—What's on the Agenda?
Performance Optimization in an Existing Operation
Water Infiltration Mitigation Project at Clinton Point Quarry
The Human Element
Return on Investment: Committee Membership
Shaping Landscapes for Tomorrow
What Moves the Market? What Moves a Customer?
MSHA/NSSGA Rip & Share
Working the Web
NSSGA on the Road - CEMEX Davenport
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Stone, Sand & Gravel Review - January/February 2009