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Want A Return On Your NSSGA Investment? JOIN A COMMITTEE by Jerry Geraghty President and CEO, Rogers Group, Inc. First Vice Chairman, NSSGA Board of Directors W e’ve heard it from NSSGA members many, many times: “You get out of your membership what you put into it.” Obviously, that would include participating in NSSGA events such as AGG1, the Annual Convention and our more localized seminars and Webinars to learn and network. But the best way really to become involved in your association is to join a committee within the NSSGA. And it’s easier than you might think. NSSGA committees are the lifeblood of our association. Participants help identify priorities, allocate resources and define our success. We have no fewer than 37 committees and subcommittees in NSSGA. These run the gamut from membership to government affairs; from marketing to operations; from environment, safety and health to communications and community relations. Why join a committee? We all have ideas for helping our industry. By joining a committee, you can ensure that your voice is heard. By sha r ing your ideas, you can make things happen. The networking opportunities within committee membership are a microcosm of the networking we enjoy in the broader association. We need to work with all levels of industry professionals. By getting yourself involved, you instantly become exposed to likeminded professionals who also want to share their time and experience with the association. The professional development you gain is immeasurable. As your leadership skills grow, so will your visibility within your own company. It’s easier than you think. Some members are concerned that their employers will discourage deeper involvement in the association committees because of time and travel expenses. But we do recognize that our committee members all have busy and important jobs in their own companies. NSSGA has been working hard to ensure that new tools can lower traditional hurdles for involvement. For instance, many of our committee meetings are now conducted via Webcast and teleconference. Let your employer know you’re interested in participating and that the commitment will not detract from your primary job responsibilities. And, employers: encourage your employees to get involved. Your organization is welcome to include employees on multiple committees. The return for you is the valuable sk ills your employees can lear n through their participation that will make them even more exper t in their jobs. 59 Stone, Sand & Gravel Review, January/February 2009

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Stone, Sand & Gravel Review - January/February 2009
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Stone, Sand & Gravel Review - January/February 2009