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The bimonthly publication of the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association January/February 2009, Volume 25, Number 1 PAG’N Share E 71 S Rip afety TABLE OF CONTENTS 15 Inside this issue: It’s the engineers who are often charged with increasing a plant’s bottom line. In this engineering issue, we look at that challenge as Alan R. Bessen, P.E., takes us through the necessary steps to optimize performance in an existing operation. Also, Spectra Environmental Group’s Jason C. Kappel describes a successful endeavor made by Tilcon New York, an Oldcastle Materials company, to reduce water infiltration at its Clinton Point Quarry. This month, as President-elect Barack Obama takes his oath and steps into office, the 111th Congress will also reconvene. It will be one of our highest priorities to help ensure that a new surface transportation bill passes by the expiration of SAFETEA-LU in September. NSSGA Vice President of Government Affairs Pam Whitted discusses this and gives us additional insight into the new Congress. The new year provides an excellent opportunity to get involved in helping the aggregates industry lobby for better legislation. With a new president and a new Congress, change is in the air. Perhaps you’d like to understand better how a political action committee works. Trey Richardson of Saga Public Affairs, LLC, helps us comprehend the human element that plays the most important role in implementing a PAC plan. Committees are the lifeblood of NSSGA. Your association needs and values your participation for the benefit of the entire industry, so please consider joining one of our 37 committees or subcommittees. It’s not as difficult or as time consuming as you might think. NSSGA’s First Vice Chairman Jerry Geraghty, president and CEO of Rogers Group, Inc., delves into the returns you gain on your investment of time in NSSGA. And, finally, get ready for AGG1; it’s right around the corner. Be sure to read AGG1 Chairman Rick Feltes’ “unofficial guide” to the ins and outs of this auspicious event! AGG1: THE UNOFFICIAL GUIDE Lafarge’s Rick Feltes, chairman of the AGG1 Management Committee, provides user-friendly information about navigating travel plans, transportation, educational opportunities and the show floor at this inaugural event. Also, read about the CEMEX Davenport Sand Mine in “NSSGA On the Road,” page 74. Davenport is the site of the unique tour arranged for attendees at NSSGA’s Annual Convention and AGG1. A QUICK GUIDE TO NSSGA’S 2009 ANNUAL CONVENTION At a glance, see the highlights of this year’s Annual Convention with details about the distinguished CEO Roundtable and unique CEMEX Davenport Sand Mine Tour. NEW PRESIDENT, NEW CONGRESS — WHAT’S ON THE AGENDA? Pamela J. Whitted, NSSGA vice president for Government Affairs, provides an overview of legislators’ likely priorities in the 111th Congress. Whitted also offers some insight into the “Big Four” in the House, who will lead development of the transportation agenda. PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION IN AN EXISTING OPERATION Producers must be able to measure their operation’s performance before they can optimize it. Alan R. Bessen, P.E., describes the production areas that need to be analyzed, comparing benefits of increased performance versus limited spending. WATER INFILTRATION MITIGATION PROJECT AT CLINTON POINT QUARRY After several decades of applying a band-aid approach to water infiltration at its Clinton Point Quarry, Tilcon New York, an Oldcastle Materials Company, wanted a more permanent solution. Jason C. Kappel of Spectra Environmental Group, Inc., provides a step-by-step look at Tilcon’s investigation and mitigation project, which resulted in a 75 percent reduction of dewatering pumping rates. THE HUMAN ELEMENT Trey Richardson of Sagac Public Affairs, LLC discusses why people are the most important part of a Political Action Committee (PAC) plan implementation. Because a PAC manager’s greatest challenge is harnessing the energy and commitment of its people, this article offers some ideas for putting and keeping your company on the right track. RETURN ON INVESTMENT: COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP NSSGA Vice Chairman Jerry Geraghty, president and CEO, Rogers Group, discusses how the best way to get the most from your NSSGA membership is to join a committee. SHAPING LANDSCAPES FOR TOMORROW This excerpt from “Shaping Landscapes for Tomorrow,” by Anthony Bauer, principal and co-founder of Bauer-Ford Reclamation, discusses mine-site land development opportunities, providing some basic reclamation procedures that can raise land value. WHAT MOVES THE MARKET? WHAT MOVES A CUSTOMER? NSSGA Vice President for Marketing and Membership Services Tim Reagan talks about effective marketing, the kind that doesn’t assume decision making is driven by rational thinking or self-interest emotions, but sometimes by both. 7 18 29 34 46 55 Departments 4 11 71 73 74 76 80 83 85 Events Calendar Legislative and Regulatory Calendar MSHA/NSSGA Rip & Share Working the Web NSSGA on the Road - CEMEX Davenport NSSGA@Work Products & Services Guide Buyers’ Guide Index 59 63 67 Stone, Sand & Gravel Review, January/February 2009

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Stone, Sand & Gravel Review - January/February 2009
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