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WORKING WEB THE T he official student professional organization for Mining and Minerals Engineering students at Virginia Tech is the Burkhart Mining Society. It was originally established in 1922 as the Minerals Club and was later changed to the Burkhart Mining Society in 1940 in honor of the first head of the mining engineering department at Virginia Tech, Otto C. Burkhart. It is the official student chapter of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration at Virginia Tech. During the 1997–98 academic year, a group of Virginia Tech Mining and Minerals Engineering students with an interest in the aggregates industry approached what was at that time the National Stone Association about establishing a student chapter. At that time, no NSA student chapters existed and the organization did not know exactly how to proceed; however, NSA officials worked with its students to establish a framework for the formation of its chapter and future student chapters. SME has a certificate from NSA on its wall showing that the Burkhart Mining Society was officially established as Student Chapter 1 of NSA on July 30, 1998. The Burkhart Mining Society is the student chapter for both SME and NSSGA and virtually all of its students belong to the Burkhart Mining Society. They do, however, elect a separate president and vice president to represent the NSSGA portion of the Burkhart Mining Society. These officers often help arrange field trips to quarries for those students with an interest in the aggregates industry. Its current president is Matt Wolverton and its vice president is Brett Wolgemuth. The current president of the Burkhart Mining Society is Mike Chopski. The Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering at Virginia Tech is the largest mining engineering program in the country. It has approximately 160 undergraduate students and is currently celebrating 100 years as an official department at Virginia Tech. The graduating class of 2009 will be the largest in its history, with nearly 60 students expected to graduate in May and December 2009. Since 2000, the department has placed more than 80 mining engineers in the aggregates industry (approximately one-third of all of graduates during that time). Of all the various sectors of the mining industry, the aggregates industry is currently the single largest employer of the department’s mining engineering graduates. Virginia Tech has been represented in the SME/ NSSGA Student Design competition since its inception. A team from Virginia Tech finished second in each of the first three years of the competition. Last year, two teams were entered in the competition. Both teams made it into the final six, and its two teams finished first and fourth, respectively. This year, they are once again entering two teams into the competition. In addition to its student design team members, they typically send 25 – 30 additional students to the SME Annual Meeting each year. NSSGA has been a valued partner to the department over the years. Its students have received numerous scholarships (Several former students have been recipients of the Barry Wendt Scholarship.), and the NSSGA summer jobs program has assisted many students in gaining experience in the aggregates industry over the years. The department routinely gets support from many of its member companies in the form of scholarships, permanent and summer employment, field trips, etc. The department has a great relationship with the aggregates industry, and the NSSGA is pleased to have played a role in helping establish that relationship. ■ 73 Stone, Sand & Gravel Review, January/February 2009

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