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NSSGA On the Road… by Andrew Dougherty NSSGA Director of Membership Davenport Sand Mine Davenport, Fla., site of ’09 Annual Convention/AGG1 Tour of South Florida and allowed their staff to visit the site and collect more than 1,000 lizards, most of which were relocated to nature preserves; some were also sent to the Smithsonian for further research.” As we toured the plant, Travis explained how the fractionated sand plant produces four individual size fractions. “These fractions are stored separately and blended to produce a variety of sand products. This plant operates 24 hours a day, five days a week, and can produce up to 2.2 million tons a year,” he said. We then met with Plant Manager Glen Jordan, who has been at the Davenport mine for 42 years — an impressive four decades of service. Glenn took us to see the electric suction dredge, which is used to feed the sizing plant from the pit. On this day the dredge, manufactured by Dredging Supply Co., was feeding sand to the plant over a distance of roughly 4,800 ft. “Performance-based specifications have become increasingly important in the market, and with extended performance warranties more commonplace, it creates The Davenport fractionated plant and storage bins. L ocated fewer than 20 miles south of Walt Disney World, the CEMEX Davenport Sand Mine is one of the first fully fractionated sand plants built in the United States. In November, I had the pleasure of meeting with Travis Wellman, CEMEX vice president of operations for Central North Florida. Travis has been active in the NSSGA Young Leaders Council (YLC) and recently served two terms on the YLC Steering Committee. He holds a mining engineering degree from Penn State University and has been working in the aggregates industry more than 17 years. We were joined by CEMEX’s community relations manager for the state of Florida, Tracy Bryant, who has been working with the company more than 13 years. Tracy explained some of the uncommon aspects of the Davenport mine. “We’ve had unique environmental issues here at Davenport. We worked with the Department of Environmental Protection regarding the endangered sand skink lizard. CEMEX has really gone above and beyond what DEP required. We partnered with the University The static screens are used to pull out the fine palmetto roots shown. 74 Stone, Sand & Gravel Review, January/February 2009

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Stone, Sand & Gravel Review - January/February 2009
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Stone, Sand & Gravel Review - January/February 2009