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Get Your Maximum AGG1 Return by Rick Feltes, Lafarge Chairman, AGG1 Management Committee W hile AGG1 is rapidly being recognized as “the one place to be” for the aggregates industry, the value that participants and attendees can gain from attending is very different. As we look out to next year’s AGG1 in Charlotte, it’s time to think about what you can do to ensure that you realize your greatest ROI from participation. Whether you are an aggregates producer, an equipment or service provider, a state association member or an NSSGA convention attendee, you can take steps to make the event a success for you. rare chance to see how others are solving their problems and how suppliers are helping them do that. 3. Network like mad. The industry is facing many challenges on economic, regulatory and political fronts. A unified industry is the best weapon we have to fight these battles. Networking helps build that unity. 4. Send the right people to the event, and make sure they focus on what your business needs. Sending one person to attend a few sessions and speak with a few exhibitors often has an effect like the old “telephone” game. The story may have changed by the time it’s delivered, and the person who could have used that information can’t ask the questions that should have been asked at the event. Equipment Suppliers and Services – Exhibitors No other event brings the people who buy your equipment together like AGG1 does. Other, larger shows may bring more people, but finding those who are interested in what you have to offer can be an overwhelming job. AGG1 filters attendees so that you can be sure they are the audience you want to reach. Here are some steps you can take to maximize your return: 1. Notify attendees before the event that you’ll be there. Exhibitors can get lists of attendees in advance of the show and send notices to show registrants to make them aware you’ll be looking for them. Then expand that to mail to all your customers and let them know you’ll be there, even if they aren’t registered, so they see that you are a strong player in the industry. 2. Teach a class. Offering a problem-solving case study in one of the education sessions gives you a chance to start a dialog with audience members and show your ability to solve problems. Then finish the conversation at your booth where they learn about the tools you used to do it. 3. Bring equipment to the show. It’s an expensive proposition, and most aggregates equipment doesn’t travel well. But photos pinned to the wall won’t have the impact that a piece of equipment will, even if it’s just a piece from a larger piece of equipment. (Hands-on demonstrations are even more effective and can get the attendee to become part of your exhibit.) 4. Follow up with all attendees. You will collect lots of leads at your booth, but be sure to get the mailing list from the show after the event is over. Send a follow-up letter telling folks what you learned from your time there, what challenges others in the industry are facing and how you’ll be helping to solve those problems for the industry. State Associations While AGG1 is an NSSGA event, it’s an industry happening, too, and state associations have a big responsibility in any industry activity. State associations can do a lot to help drive traffic to the event, but it’s not geography-dependent. Promoting AGG1 to state association members Aggregates Producers – AGG1 Attendees This is your event. With the consolidation of a variety of NSSGA events, we now bring exhibits and education together so that your employees and co-workers can get lots of information and apply it when they return to their jobs. Things to consider: 1. Be sure to talk with exhibitors on the show floor. Most exhibitors want to help you solve problems in your business, not just hawk iron to attendees. Let them know your unique challenges and see if they have any experience that you can take advantage of. 2. Plan to attend as many education sessions as possible. Feedback from these events suggests that attendees gain new insights on issues that are very specific to the jobs they are doing back at their operations. It’s a > 31 Stone, Sand & Gravel Review, March/April 2011

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Stone, Sand and Gravel Review - March/April 2011
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Stone, Sand and Gravel Review - March/April 2011