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the pursuit of new reserves in green spaces. Companies that encourage community involvement, consider its concerns and support the community’s needs are finding that they have less “Not in My Back Yard (NIMBY)” issues with the nearby residences and/or the local community when requesting to renew, modify or obtain new > POWER TO MOVE NSSGA Develops New Economic Impact Sustainability Tool Companies in the aggregates industry provide a number of benefits to their local communities – economic and otherwise. NSSGA’s new Economic Impact Sustainability Tool provides an easy, low-cost method of estimating an individual operation’s contribution to the local community. It provides an estimate of a facility’s positive economic impact in the local economy – the value of the goods and services produced – and a guide to describing the other tangible benefits that an organization contributes to the community. This valuable service is available in collaboration with Drs. Richard Butler and Mary Stefl, both faculty members at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas. Combined, Butler and Stefl have more than 15 years of experience conducting economic impact studies for individual organizations and industries within defined communities. When a member company purchases an Economic Impact Sustainability Report from NSSGA, it will be asked to provide information about its community and individual business unit, including employee wage and sales information for the most recently completed fiscal year. This information is submitted, via a secure Web site, to Butler and Stefl. They will perform the analysis and provide an estimate of economic impact in a brief report. A company can also download, at no charge, the Community Impact Survey. The information provided to complete this survey will help create a thorough description of a company’s tangible involvement and contributions in the local community. Together, these two perspectives provide a comprehensive analysis of an individual operation’s “footprint” on the local community. These reports can aid in community relations efforts and should be shared with local government and civic organizations to promote a company and its value. They can be posted on a company’s Web site. Economic impact studies are typically produced and returned to the organization within 10 days. While the service is provided through NSSGA, any information submitted to Butler and Stefl is completely confidential and will not be seen by or shared with NSSGA staff. For more information, contact NSSGA’s Vice President of Environment, Safety and Health John Hayden at jhayden@ Luff Industries Ltd. manufactures the most durable product line available on the market today. Call to find out how Luff can increase your Conveying Performance. TOLL-FREE: 1-888-349-LUFF (5833) IDLERS | PULLEYS | IMPACT BEDS | ACCESSORIES LUFF INDUSTRIES LTD. 235010 WRANGLER ROAD, ROCKY VIEW (CALGARY ), ALBERTA, CANADA T1X 0K3 TOLL-FREE: 1-888-349-LUFF (5833) | 457674_Luff.indd 1 12/7/09 8:17:20 PM WEIGH WHILE YOU LIFT LOADLOG 800i LOADLOG 8000i LOADER SCALE FEATURES Load on the go, no stopping the machine or bucket Advanced weighing mode for accuracy Live last bucket Target loads and auto bucket add Printing option LL8000i and LL500+ Data logging to built-in SD card, model 8000i only Learn more by visiting or calling (877) 489-LOUP (5687). Stone, Sand & Gravel Review, September/October 2010 469900_LoupElectronics.indd 1 15 3/11/10 1:36:25 PM

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Stone, Sand and Gravel Review - September/October 2010
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Stone, Sand and Gravel Review - September/October 2010