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Will there be a Middle Class Revolt? by Pamela J. Whitted NSSGA Vice President for Government Affairs P olitical pundits, whatever their political affiliations, are predicting multi-seat gains for Republicans in the November mid-term elections. Political prognosticator Charlie Cook recently reported on a survey done by Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg and his firm, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, and Republican Glen Bolger and his firm, Public Opinion Strategies, taken June 7-10 that focused on 1,200 “likely” voters in 70 key competitive congressional districts. Questioned for the National Public Radio, 60 Democratic-held districts and 10 Republican-held districts were surveyed – races expected to determine what party will control the speaker’s gavel in the next Congress. According to the NPR poll, in a modified generic congressional ballot test in which the names of the incumbents, if they are running, are used (otherwise they were listed as “the Democratic” and “the Republican”), the GOP led by eight points, 49 percent to 41 percent, across all 70 districts. The Republican Party also is running ahead by five points in the 60 Democratic districts, 47 percent to 42 percent. This is not good news for the Democrats. Whether Republicans will seize control of the House and Senate is unclear. It is interesting to ponder, however, what has gone wrong for the Democratic Party that led them to this predicament just two years after a resounding victory electing the president and majorities in the House and Senate. I believe one need only look back a year to the 2009 August congressional recess. At town meetings across the nation, middle class Americans stood up in markedly increased numbers to tell their members of Congress they were “mad as hell.” They wanted work; they didn’t want the government meddling with their health care; they cared about the environment, but more about their pocketbooks and the state of the economy. 28 Not to say the Republicans were portraits in courage, but the Democrats, the party in power, too quickly dismissed these demonstrations as organized by right wing activists, most often the Tea Party. The problem is that the Tea Party is amorphous with no recognized leadership or organizational structure and not necessarily with the same priorities in each state. What Democrats missed was what these hard-working, patriotic Americans were trying to tell them – that their priorities had gotten mixed up. It’s high time that the national agenda turned to the needs of the majority of Americans who ask nothing more than the means to provide for their families. Recent polls show these voters are increasingly alienated from the Obama administration. Reasons include slow economic growth, high unemployment among blue and white collar workers and a persistent credit crunch for small businesses. Congressional Democrats ignored their constituents’ pleas and marched forward to pass a massive health care reform measure. It did not matter that a majority of Americans opposed health care reform. They passed it anyway without a single Republican vote. Then, in spite of President Obama’s pledge at the beginning of 2010 to Stone, Sand & Gravel Review, September/October 2010

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Stone, Sand and Gravel Review - September/October 2010
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Stone, Sand and Gravel Review - September/October 2010