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At the Races: Democrats Are Hard at Work to Protect Majority by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) Chairman, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ith the fall elections only weeks away, Democratic senators and Senate candidates are running strong in all corners of the country, working hard, reaching out to voters and laying the groundwork for a successful November. This despite the fact that the historical winds are blowing in the faces of Democrats, and that the president’s party has only won additional seats in Congress three times in midterm elections since the Civil War. Democrats are poised to defy conventional wisdom and to excel this November. To begin with, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Democratic candidates across the country are working to draw a contrast with our Republican opponents. While Democrats across the country are focused on pocketbook issues – creating jobs, getting Americans back to work and making sure the economy works for all Americans – Republicans continue to stand with the special interests and in the way of progress. Whether it is Wall Street reform, health care reform, stimulating the economy, holding big oil accountable or a host of other issues, Republicans have stood as the party of the status quo and of special interests, while Democrats have stood with the American people. Not only does the Republican Party stand as the party of “no,” it is also divided against itself, which threatens its chance for success in November. For the past year and half, the Tea Party has been at war with the Republican establishment, resulting in the nomination of fringe candidates across the country, many of whom are far outside the mainstream. In Kentucky, Rand Paul, who beat Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) handpicked candidate, said President Obama’s criticism of BP was “un-American,” and questioned the validity of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. In Nevada, Sharron Angle beat the establishment candidate, and now wants to phase out Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and wants to completely eliminate the EPA. These ideas are not only bad public policy, they are on the fringe of society. Insurgent candidates in other states have also pushed establishment candidates far to the right. Jane Norton in Colorado wants to eliminate the Department of Education. Carly Fiorina 30 W in California supports allowing people on the “no fly list” the ability to purchase firearms. Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire wants to drill for oil off the coast of New England. On the other side of the Republican divide are establishment Republicans, many of whom are responsible for getting our economy into its current mess in the first place. Rob Portman of Ohio was President George W. Bush’s trade representative and director of the Office of Management and Budget. As the architect of the Bush economy, Ohioans can thank him for thousands of lost jobs and tax credits for companies that ship jobs overseas. Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri was Tom Delay’s right-hand man and advocated for the reckless spending habits that drove up our deficits and broke our fiscal house. Dan Coats of Indiana spent years as an elite, special interest Washington lobbyist. Pat Toomey spent years working on Wall Street as a freewheeling derivative trader. Rep. Mark Kirk rubberstamped the economic policies that put the special interests above the American middle class. Suffice it to say, these profiles are not exactly going to be silver bullets this election cycle. Democrats, on the other hand, have put forth an impressive and talented group of candidates to run this fall. Whether it is Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, Ohio Lt. Governor Lee Fisher, Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, or Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Democratic candidates across the country are working hard, raising money, polling well and doing everything else needed to win Senate seats this fall. Other strong Democratic candidates include rising stars such as Rep. and former Sherriff Brad Ellsworth in Indiana; Rep. Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania; Rep. Paul Hodes in New Hampshire; Rep. Kendrick Meek in Florida; Roxanne Conlin in Iowa; Secretary of State Elaine Marshall in North Carolina; Rep. Charlie Melancon in Louisiana and New Castle County Executive Chris Coons in Delaware. Democrats are proud of the candidates we’ve put forth this year. Due to the hard work and persistence of Democrats like Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) and Senators Blanche Stone, Sand & Gravel Review, September/October 2010

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Stone, Sand and Gravel Review - September/October 2010
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Stone, Sand and Gravel Review - September/October 2010