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NSSGA SAFETY NEWSLETTER TO CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Fall 2010 Dear Aggregates Industry CEO: Legendary former basketball coach John Wooden famously said, “failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” Emergencies can occur at virtually any worksite, and aggregates operators are remiss if they are not fully prepared for emergency situations that can confront our industry. Planning for the event of an emergency is critical. U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration’s Assistant Secretary of Labor Joe Main has made emergency preparedness a top priority. It is also at the forefront of NSSGA member and staff concerns. In fact, NSSGA recently reminded members of the need to prepare for emergencies with a seminar at NSSGA’s Annual Convention and AGG1 sessions in Cincinnati. A few of the key points regarding plans for emergencies bear repeating. Starting the program: • Develop a pre-plan for an emergency; • Train staff of emergency response team and general staff; • Develop your “outside responder” plans; • Train emergency dispatch; and • Establish “captains” for first responder teams. There should be plans for: • Emergency pre-plans – addressing types and levels of severity of an emergency, as well as protocols for dealing with individuals from both in-house and out-sourced teams; • Staging areas for rescue; • Assigning an experienced miner at facility’s entrance to escort emergency vehicles; • Emergency personnel to check with a company contact about gases and chemicals at the site; and • Dealing with ongoing mining issues as they may be affected by emergency, e.g., water enclosure, electricity and high voltage areas, ground control and mobile equipment. For more information, a copy of the Power Point presentation made at AGG1 on preparedness is accessible at: http:// pdf. Sincerely, Louis Griesemer President and CEO, Springfield Underground, Inc. Co-Chair Committee on MSHA – NSSGA Alliance Stone, Sand & Gravel Review, September/October 2010 39

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Stone, Sand and Gravel Review - September/October 2010
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Stone, Sand and Gravel Review - September/October 2010