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feature Canadian Travel by Annette Redican to U.S. Continues to Grow I f indeed you can count on numbers for the real story, then those that illustrate the growth in Canadians travelling to the United States tell quite an impressive tale. Citing the most recent data from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Travel & Tourism, Sana Keller, president of Discover America Committee Canada, enthusiastically lays out the figures. “Canadians are still travelling to the U.S. and Canada still remains the #1 international market to the USA. In 2011, Canada posted record visitation to the United States at 21,031,000 visitors; up 5 percent from 2010. Therefore, Canada continued to deliver the largest inbound travel market to the United States in 2011 at 33.7 percent of 62.3 million international visitors. A 5 percent increase is projected for 2012. Total growth of 21 percent is expected from 2011 through 2016.” Not surprising, then, to consider that Canada, as it relates to the U.S., ranks first in tourism spending at U.S. $23.968 billion, or 15.7 percent of total international spending (US$152.996 billion), and first in balance of trade surplus at US$16.158 billion in 2011. International travel is one of the largest exports of services for the United States, accounting for 43 percent of total U.S. service exports to Canada in 2011. Mark Brown, senior market research analyst, U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Travel & Tourism, summarizes the significance of the Canadian market to the U.S. “The term is ‘geo-equity’ and it reflects the number of states that have 2.0 percent of total travellers from a country, says Brown. “ The higher the number of states, the higher the geo-equity and distribution of benefits around the U.S. of travellers from a particular country.  Canada provides the best geo-equity of any visitor origin country – 27 states host two or more percent of total visitors to the United States, the highest number of any origin country.” Continuing, Brown notes, “This has always been important at a national or regional level, but is now even more important because the Travel Promotion Act of 2009, signed by President Obama in March 2010, requires, among other mandates, to distribute the potential benefits of the TPA throughout the USA.  Canada has the highest geoequity, no doubt helped by bordering 14 states by land and the large number of snow-birds going to southern states and, more generally, two-thirds of its visitors arriving by land.” Current data reveals that the importance of the Canadian visitor origin market to the U.S. cannot be overstated. Canada is the #1 origin market for visitors (18.0 million – ahead of Mexico); #1 for visitor spending ($16.1 billion – ahead of Japan); and #1 in travel trade surplus (travel exports less travel imports +$9.9 billion – ahead of Japan). Keller lays out the facts for consideration. “I think that the demand is there and we will see continued interest and growth in the traffic from Canada. While all states benefit from Canadian travellers, the most popular states for Canadian travellers are New York and Florida. New York dominates with 17% of Canadian visitors; however, Florida racks up the most in visitor nights (34%) and spending (25%), due to the large number of Canadian “snowbirds” seeking warmer weather. Ontario (44%) and Quebec (17%), along with British Columbia (17%), account for the largest share of visitors to the U.S.” Informing these impressive numbers, the most popular activities for Canadians who head south of the 49th Parallel include shopping (75%), sightseeing (44%), visiting family and friends (35%), sports/outdoor activities (29%), bars or clubs (23%) and historic sites (21%). Michelle Hundt Tupman, manager of Product Development & Marketing for Kitchener, ON-based Great Canadian Holidays & Coaches, confirms the The Road Explorer 12 Summer 2012

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