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December 1, 2011 An update from: IPAA Supply and Demand Committee Fall Meeting The Petroleum Club – Coastal Room, Houston, TX T 1 2 he fall 2011 Supply and Demand Committee meeting focused specifically on the liquids renaissance taking place in the U.S.—and the key infrastructure challenges inherent with this growth. In addition to discussing the above-ground political and transportation challenges in place, with independents squarely at the forefront of this supply transformation, the meeting included discussion on the key decisions that will have to be made in regard to export capacity and ways in which the country might utilize the additional supplies domestically. Kristen Lingley, IPAA manager of government relations, provided a succinct and informative overview of what’s occurring in Washington on the legislative and regulatory side and gave an update to the committee on hydraulic fracturing issues and ongoing environmental challenges and opposition across the country. The first speaker was Raoul LeBlanc, senior director - financial advisory, from PFC Energy. Raoul started off with a global picture, illustrating how sustained high oil prices have driven operators to pursue growth from all plays. His data showed a reversal from the ‘90s trend and on the positive side for the oil and natural gas industry, the more marginal supply is relatively job intensive, as the many studies have shown in the past year. 1. BlackStone Mineral’s Brian Bennett, left, with IPAA’s Fred Lawrence. 2. Ed Kelly, left, with Wood Mackenzie's Loren Leiker, and George Alcorn. 3. Tidewater’s Jeff Gorski, center, with Carol Freedenthal of Jofree Energy Consulting and Scott Dorn with U.S. Steel, right. 3 26 IPAA Access | Winter 2012

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