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ONLINE MEASUREMENT MILL WISE Stora Enso Fors Mill. A Measured SUCCESS Stora Enso’s Fors mill implements online measurement solution ANTTI PAAVOLA S tora Enso’s Fors Mill, located in the Swedish province of Dalarna, is among the world’s largest and most modern producers of carton board for consumer packaging and printing. The mill employs 670 people and produces 390,000 tons annually of fully coated folding boxboard on two board machines. For the past 30 years, the mill has invested in ways to optimize its processes and recently sought to improve its measurement capabilities using online fiberorientation angle measurement. PRECISE APPROACH With a product line aimed at high-end consumer packaging, Stora Enso wanted to increase its focus on all aspects of board quality, including flatness. Any variation from tight quality specifications for board flatness could result in downstream problems for high-speed packaging processes. The mill previously controlled board f latness by separating top and bottom layers, and then measuring the tensile stiff ness orientation (TSO) angle profi les of each separately. The results were used Comparison of top layer lab TSO and online measurement. Correlation R2 = 0,979. Comparison of bottom layer lab TSO and online measurement. Correlation R2 = 0,896. 26 Paper360º MARCH/APRIL 2012

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Paper360 - March/April 2012