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HUMAN RELATIONS Employee Work RESTRICTIONS Challenge Human RESOURCES Some employees believe they are entitled to employment without regard to their physical limitations DICK KENDALL IN TOUCH H uman Resource (HR) departments within the pulp, paper, converting and allied industries are not exempt from the expectation to “do more with less.” The functions of an HR department are varied and include recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, safety, health and wellness, labor and employment relations, training and development, employment law compliance, and policy development. One issue that is currently troubling to HR officials involves dealing with employees who present work restrictions to their employer regarding performance of their jobs. John Wirch, Vice President of Human Resources, Little Rapids Corporation, in Green Bay, Wisc., explains: “Selecting, training and retaining the right mix of employees has always required intentionality and follow-through from the human resources practitioner. Properly deploying human resources to accomplish the company’s goals and objectives is critical. However, since some employees within the workforce present restrictions to their employer indicating that they can’t perform certain aspects of their jobs, the employer is challenged to interpret the restriction and to decide if it can be managed effectively.” WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? Jim McDonnell, Vice President, Human Resources, for Wausau Paper Corporation, Towel and Tissue Segment, in Harrodsburg, Ky., says: “Employees occ a siona l ly present statements from doctors, health care professionals or others restricting how 62 Paper360º MARCH/APRIL 2012

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Employee Work Restrictions Challenge Human Resources
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Paper360 - March/April 2012