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MARCH/APRIL 2010 RECRUITING Guerrilla recruiting – leveraging the Internet, the new rolodex of 2010 How the industry’s most successful human resources professionals are recruiting for the best and brightest. BY TALBOT BOGGS RECRUITING is the art of attracting the right people for the right job. Like other employers, retailers want to find the best talent at all levels of the organization, from the storeroom floor right up to the executive boardroom. Not only are they looking to recruit workers with the right skill sets, they want employees who have the right attitude and personality to fit into the organization for the long-term, thereby reducing staff turnover, probably the largest hidden cost of retail today. With the advent of new technology, the rise of social networking, an aging workforce and a dwindling pool of young labour, the competition to attract the best and brightest is becoming more difficult and competitive. So, how exactly are the most successful retailers ensuring favourable recruiting, and what incentives and tactics are they employing to find the right people for their organizations? Canadian Retailer went to a panel of human resource professionals in the retail sector to find out. © I S TO C K P H OTO.C O M / F U G E S P OT Are your current recruiting tactics working for you? June Doyle-MacLean, Manager, National Field Recruiting, Reitman’s (Canada) Ltd. Probably our most successful recruitment strategy over the last few years has been our employee referral bonus program. It’s fantastic. Employees are paid a financial bonus based on the level of the position of the person they are referring. Unlike other companies that use this technique, we pay immediately once the person referred to us is hired. We have recently massaged the program so it can be used across our divisions at store level. Re- cruiting certainly has changed in recent years with the advent of social media, and today companies need to employ a number of strategies, which can include social media, career pages, websites, job boards and, for us, newspapers in smaller communities. LinkedIn is a fabulous resource for connecting with people in all professions, and at all levels. Most of our banners are actively on Facebook, and although they’re not used specifically for recruitment, they are a great way to connect with people in the industry. Recruitment today is being dragged along by the fast pace of the Internet and organizations need to leverage that to their advantage. RECRUITING EVENTS RETENTION HR MARKETING Leveraging the Internet, the new rolodex of 2010 Page 19 HR Calendar Page 21 Reward and mentor to retain top talent and improve bottom line Page 22 Brand equation - get your brand working for you Page 23 A P U B L I C AT I O N O F http://www.ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/FUGESPOT

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