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THAT’S TECHNOLOGY 2010 Government Social Media Trends to Include SGMP WHAT TRENDS WILL materialize for social media in government for 2010? Six key social media trends are outlined here, and not to be left out, SGMP launched its own social networking page on Jan. 25. You can join SGMP’s social network at under the Members Only section. Social media, less social. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. People will begin paring back their social media interactions, focusing on those delivering the greatest personal and professional value. Government agencies scale up. Government agencies and companies will ramp up their social media tactics, moving beyond advertising to serving customers and constituents. Organizations will expand social media interactions through enticements of games and incentives. Not that many of us need a reason to surf the Web, but who can resist the perks and entertainment? Organizations will create more formal social media policies. As agencies and companies allow and/or adopt social media interaction, policies for its use will become more clearly defined and enforced. Mobile devices drive social interaction. With companies enforcing stronger social media policies and sales of smart phones skyrocketing, employees will turn to mobile devices to get their “fix.” Sharing no longer means e-mail. With new tools allowing for the broadcast of articles and Web sites over networks such as Twitter and Facebook, the e-mail distribution list will be out, and the sharing network list will be in. While government agencies likely will lag behind corporate America in adopting certain aspects of social media, a desire to connect will drive personal behavior, will make government workings more transparent and will open opportunities for vendors to better interact with buyers. SGMP social networking is now your new tool to communicate and commiserate with fellow members! G

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Government Connections - Spring 2010
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Government Connections - Spring 2010