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DIETING ON A PER DIEM The Truth About Banquet Food ARE YOU MAKING the best choices for yourself and your attendees at your events? Planning a menu that meets the varied dietary needs of a large group can be quite the challenge. When your meeting includes a meal, remember that some attendees may have special dietary requirements (food allergies, religious or ethical food restrictions or even particular medical diets). Working with your site to use locally grown produce is a wonderful way to “plan green” and reduce your event’s carbon footprint while proving a nutritious meal for your attendees. CAESAR SALAD DRESSING Serving: 1 oz. Calories: 150 Fat grams: 14.6 Carbohydrate grams: 0.9 Protein grams: 0.3 DINNER ROLL WITH BUTTER Serving: 1 roll (1oz) with 1 tbsp butter Calories: 180 Fat grams: 12.5 Carbohydrate grams: 15 Protein Grams: 2.3 MINESTRONE SOUP Serving: 1 cup (8.5 oz) Calories: 127 Fat grams: 2.9 Carbohydrate grams: 20.6 Protein grams: 5.1 SAUTÉED SPINACH Serving: 1 cup Calories: 140 Fat grams: 14 Carbohydrate grams: 3 Protein Grams: 2 FETTUCCINE ALFREDO Serving: 2 cups, cooked Calories: 780 Fat grams: 18 Carbohydrate grams: 125 Protein Grams: 24 VANILLA BEAN CHEESECAKE Serving: 1 Slice (77g) Calories: 190 Fat grams: 9 Carbohydrate grams: 26 Protein Grams: 2 PLAIN DINNER ROLL BROILED LEAN BEEF STEAK Serving: 3oz Calories: 174 Fat grams: 9 Carbohydrate grams: 0 Protein Grams: 23 Serving: 1 roll (1 oz) Calories: 80 Fat grams: 1.5 Carbohydrate grams: 15 Protein Grams: 2.3

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Government Connections - Spring 2010
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Government Connections - Spring 2010