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PLAN GREEN Change Your Font, Change the World By Nick Stanley, CGMP THERE ARE TWO things I refuse to buy anywhere except at a warehouse club: razor blades and printer ink. Both are necessary expenses; however, both are quite the knock to a budget. Did you know how much of a knock printer ink is? $10,000 per gallon! Even at the greenest meeting, printed material is likely unavoidable, but one way to beat your ink budget and go green at the same time is to use a font that requires less ink. That’s just what the University of Wisconsin (UW) at Green Bay did. The university announced in March that it was switching fonts to save money and the environment, and according to UW’s research, this change will allow the university to save about 30 percent on ink. So, what font choices can save you some green? With its thin, light lines, Century Gothic inherently requires the least amount of ink to print, and it is one of the Times New Roman most widely available inksaving fonts. Times New Roman and Verdana are Verdana other skinny and commonly available font choices. In addition, be on the lookout for new “eco-fonts,” including Spranq Eco-Sans. Eco-fonts incorporate tiny holes into each character without affecting legibility and can save 25 percent or more on ink than traditional fonts. Consider these choices for handouts printed on your office or desktop printer. When negotiating with an outside printer, explain that you are using Century Gothic for your font, which saves them 30 percent on their ink costs, and ask for a discount on your printing job. MORE BRIGHT IDEAS To see how else simple but effective green meeting techniques can save you money, look to these examples: • Provide water in pitchers instead of bottles. Meeting Strategies Worldwide avoided an estimated $12,187 to furnish bottled water to attendees (2002). • Go bulk with coffee break supplies. Bulk cream is 62 percent less expensive and bulk sugar is 50 percent cheaper than their smaller-serving-size counterparts. • Use natural light if possible on the trade show floor to increase sales by about 40 percent (Meetings South, 2004). G Nick Stanley, CGMP, is executive assistant for SGMP. He can be reached at Do you have a budget busting green tip? Share it with the SGMP community. Find us on Facebook at 21

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Government Connections - Summer 2010
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Government Connections - Summer 2010